Windows 11 Remove Chat From Taskbar

Windows 11 Remove Chat From Taskbar

If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 11, you’ll have noticed a few changes, the most obvious of which being the Start Menu’s new central position, along with the addition of the Task view, Widgets, and Chat buttons to each side of it.

While most users will find use in Microsoft Teams’ Task view and Widgets icons, few people are likely to utilise the platform’s Chat feature. If you don’t count yourself among them, then you may uninstall this useless programme in a few simple steps.

Windows 11 Remove Chat From Taskbar

Tips for Disabling the Chat Icon in Windows 11’s Taskbar

Disabling the chat feature is the quickest approach to get rid of the icon from the toolbar. To do this, right-click a blank area of your taskbar, and then select the Taskbar settings option from the context menu that appears. Under the new Settings window’s Personalization tab, you’ll find the Taskbar.

You’ll find Chat among the list of icons on the Taskbar. To disable the icon, use the slider button to its right. The Chat Button in your taskbar will be removed after this.

Microsoft Teams will still be there on your computer, even though the Chat Button will no longer be visible. Eliminating the app from Apps & Features is the only way to get rid of it completely.

Learn Why and How to Keep Microsoft Teams Installed on Windows 10

To begin, head to your computer’s Preferences screen. To access the Settings menu, launch the computer’s main menu by clicking the power button’s gear icon. You can also get to Settings by clicking the All apps button in the upper right corner of your Start Menu and then scrolling down to the letter S.

Assuming you’ve already opened the Settings window, head over to Apps on the side menu. Select Apps & features from the main menu. Browse for Microsoft Teams in the Apps section. When you do, select Uninstall from the drop-down choice that appears.

A confirmation window will pop up to make sure you really want to uninstall the software. To remove the programme, select the Uninstall button. The uninstall process will finish as soon as possible. When it’s finished, the Microsoft Teams option in the Apps & features menu will be gone.

Taking the Chat icon off your desktop is the next step. Look for Chat under the list of Taskbar items in the system’s preferences. To turn it off, just use the slider button. The conversation tab has been removed from the system tray.

Fixing the Missing Microsoft Teams Icon on Windows 11

If you accidentally deleted the Chat app off your taskbar and then realised you needed it, reinstalling it is a breeze. Start by returning to the Taskbar’s preferences, and then locate Chat in the list of available Taskbar items. There’s a toggle switch you can use over on the right to activate it.

You’ll see that the Chat icon has reappeared in your taskbar. To bring up the Chat with friends and family at any time window, click it. By clicking the Continue option, Microsoft Teams will begin installing automatically.

At that point, a button labelled “Get Started” will be visible. If you want to create a Microsoft Teams account, click here and then continue with the steps given.

It’s True that a Computer’s Performance improves after being Cleaned.

While Microsoft has made great strides to include its services within the new OS, not everyone will find them to be indispensable. Why not save up some space on your device by eliminating unnecessary apps?

And if you decide you really do need it again at some point in the future, you can easily turn it back on through the taskbar’s preferences. In a nutshell, it will take you no more than five minutes to set up. Keeping your PC free of unused software is essential if you want to get the most out of its features and capabilities.