10 Best Sarahah Alternatives 2022


Sarahah is essentially a social media platform. It was created to allow employees and workers to anonymously provide feedback to the supervisor.

It is now a popular anonymous messaging software where you may send and receive messages without disclosing your identify.

Both Android and iOS users can download the app. It is not necessary to register in order to provide feedback on the application, but it is necessary to register in order to receive messages.


It became quite popular, especially among teenagers, due to great features such as the ability to publish the Sarahah link on Snapchat.

 Top 10 Sarahah Alternatives

Sarahah is well-known, as are many other similar programmes. Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives, which provide even more incredible features and functionalities.

1. Spout

Spout is a location-based app that allows you to interact with strangers anonymously. By altering the location radius, you can connect with people in your vicinity as well as people all over the world.

As expressed by spout’s cofounder and CEO, “On spout, you can be yourself and engage freely with people locally or around the world”.

The app is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores. The features that you can utilise to investigate the spouts are exciting, such as Newest, Hottest, and Most Reply.

Furthermore, you do not need to provide any registration information or personal information in order to use the app; all you have to do is download it and start spouting.

2. Lipsi

It is another wonderful alternative to Sarahah. It allows you to send and receive comments and criticism while being anonymous. You can have an anonymous conversation with someone for as long as you desire. Anyone within a 100-yard radius will automatically appear on your list.

You have complete control over when and how long you want to display your identify. If you do not want your profile to look onto other people’s search results, it offers a tool called Ghost mode that will make your account invisible.

It is free to download, but you must be over the age of 18 to use it. You can also get feedback on your Instagram postings, which is a useful function. To receive feedback, the app provides you with a Lipsi link that you can put to your Instagram bio.

3. Stupid Conversation

It’s an app that allows you to hide your identity while both providing reviews and chatting with strangers. It is new in comparison to many other apps and has fantastic features. You build your own network without revealing your identify.

Your privacy is protected in the app, and your identity is never shown. It has incredible features and provides people with user-friendly services.

All of the fun things you enjoy doing are done anonymously, including sending and receiving private messages, sending and receiving photographs and videos, polling your friends, and receiving comments.

4. Swiflie

It’s a social networking software that allows you to freely share your views and opinions without revealing your identify.

You can look at the information and share it with folks in your area. Users using Android and iOS can access the platform. You can anonymously follow other people and they can do the same.

The posts that are shared are only there for a limited time, and it is up to the Swiflie community to decide how long they should stay on the site. You may freely share and express yourself because the features are user-friendly, and you can control how your identity is hidden from others.

5. Whisper

It was released in 2012 and works with both Android and iOS devices. It is a social networking application that allows you to anonymously post and share your stuff, such as photographs and videos.

To join the site, you are not required to provide any personal information such as your email address or phone number. It allows you a lot of freedom to discuss your secrets with anyone because you are anonymous.

On Whisper, the only method to communicate with someone is to respond to their whispers. You can, however, send your own whisper and use the existing chat tool.

6. Honesty

It’s a social networking tool that allows you to speak with strangers anonymously. Users must pick their interests, after which they will be sent to organisations in which they can participate.

Suggestions can also be based on a user’s location, so users can get suggestions for groups based on where they are. You can share images, links, and text in your postings. You can like, dislike, and comment on the posts without ever revealing your name.

The software works brilliantly on the basis of content authenticity, with your speech and tone being examined, as well as the facts you submit being double-checked. These features make it a fantastic venue for viewing and reviewing stuff without fear of being judged.

7. Sayat

It offers a lot of great features that make it a good replacement for Sarahah. You can anonymously exchange feedback with each other. After you’ve signed up for the app, you’ll have to choose hashtags to describe yourself with.

When you choose your hashtags, the app makes suggestions depending on how similar they are, making it simple to interact with individuals through the app.

The app’s goal was to assist people in bettering themselves and honing their talents. You can publish the information and receive honest feedback on it. When giving comments, your coworkers and friends can choose whether or not to reveal their identity.

8. Quietly

It’s a social networking programme that allows you to speak and connect with others while being anonymous. Your secrets and the materials you share will not reveal your identify, and you can freely share and receive criticism.

It’s also safer than a lot of other apps because it doesn’t ask for email addresses, phone numbers, or information about social media accounts.

It’s also a location-based app that lets you alter your location and keep up with what’s going on in the world. All of the posts that are shared are transitory, and the length of time that they must remain is determined by a community vote.

9. After-School Activities

The programme, as the name implies, is focused at high school students and allows them to share photographs and videos within a defined network.

It was created so that “kids may utilise it to express themselves, reach out to others, and ask for and offer help to fellow teens in trouble,” according to the CEO.

The platform takes strong actions in response to any threatening or harmful messages recognised by linguistic algorithms, and the user is instantly removed for violating the site’s rules.

While the website is offline and the services are not technically ceased, the app has been withdrawn from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

10. Let Off Some Steam

This programme is available for both Android and iOS users, and it allows you to express your emotions without revealing your true identity.

It’s a fascinating tool that allows you to enjoy and have fun sharing information about yourself. It includes many more fascinating features, such as the ability to respond to other users’ vents, establish friends, and secretly talk with other users.

You can rely on the app to keep your identity private, as it does not require any personal information during registration or use.


These are the best Sarahah alternatives available. Sarahah is a fantastic tool for anonymous messaging and feedback, and each of its variants offers a variety of intriguing features and functionalities.

All of the apps are also accessible for both iOS and Android users. You should try the applications for yourself to get a feel for them before downloading them to your device.