Reliable 100m Series Coatue ManagementJan KampsTechCrunch

Reliable 100m Series Coatue ManagementJan KampsTechCrunch

A firm called Sunday, which didn’t even exist a few short months ago, has just raised $100 million in a Series A fundraising round.

Coatue is taking the lead in today’s investment round, which also includes DST Global’s investors. There are additional investors from the hotel and technology sectors.

Reliable 100m Series Coatue ManagementJan KampsTechCrunch

Reliable 100m Series Coatue ManagementJan KampsTechCrunch

In April, when Sunday announced its $24 million seed round, I wrote a detailed description of the company. If you’re interested in finding out more about the company, I recommend reading it.

To create Sunday, Victor Lugger, Tigrane Seydoux, and Christine de Wendel got together. Big Mamma was founded by the first two people on this list. Christine de Wendel was the CEO of ManoMano and formerly the head of Zalando in France.

The Company’s Main Product is a Point-of-Sale System Designed for Traditional Eateries.

Customers can easily peruse the menu by scanning a QR code at their table. When you’re through eating, simply scan the QR code again to settle the bill, add a tip, and depart. Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard are all accepted.

This product integrates seamlessly into your current POS setup. Oracle Micros, Brinks, Tiller, Zelty, Revo, CashPad, and many others are all supported by the firm. There is no ongoing membership or installation fees for restaurants. Sunday fees are processed on a use basis and added to the total bill.

It’s a no-brainer to pitch to customers because so many already prefer to pay with QR codes. A higher percentage of diners are likely to leave a restaurant sooner, saving time and money. It’s true that some diners seek out interpersonal connections, but Sunday worries that doing so can lead to tension. Obviously, the product isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

With only a five-month head start, Sunday has already seen over 1.1 million customers use its service to cover restaurant tabs. To date, it has been adopted by more than 1,500 eateries in over 100 countries.

The company is moving quickly, having already hired 170 people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Canada.

The business will use the fresh capital to create features including table booking, food ordering, and loyalty programmes, as well as to expand into other eateries. And the organization’s goal is to speed up its expansion.

Sunday’s goal is to partner with 15,000 eateries by the end of 2022. Over the course of the next 12 months, we plan to double the size of the team.

Reliable 100m Series Coatue ManagementJan KampsTechCrunch: Last Words

Sunday’s ability to create innovative features for its products like ordering and loyalty programmes will be greatly facilitated by this latest funding round.

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