13 Best Alternatives To Putlocker


There has been an increase in demand for online movie streaming sites over the last year, particularly during the unusual quarantine.

Putlocker is a website that was at the forefront of the free online movie streaming industry. It’s a fantastic service that has exploded in popularity because to its massive library of movies and TV episodes. Putlocker allows users to watch their favourite movies without spending any money.

Authorities took notice, and the website was taken down in 2016 on the basis of digital piracy. Since then, finding a reliable website where you can watch your favourite movies and series without any bother has become quite tough.


Don’t worry if you’re one of those users that is looking for new places to watch your material, we’ve got you covered. We’ve given you a lot of options in this article by providing 13 fantastic Putlocker alternatives.

13 Best Putlocker Alternatives

We’ve also included a link to these websites; simply click on them to go to the website and look around.

Let’s have a look at each of the thirteen websites:

1. 123Movies

Many movie fans utilise 123Movies since it is legal and safe to use. 123Movies provides a user-friendly layout in addition to a large catalogue of movies. You can find your desired movie using a variety of tabs and search methods.

The website is well-designed, and the content is updated on a regular basis. It also features an interactive function that proposes a random movie or TV show based on the user’s viewing habits. 123Movies is an excellent alternative to Putlocker, with its clear and compact layout and elegant controls.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix features a lot of historic content in its collection, which is ideal for retro and classic movies. This is one of the more established websites on our list, having been operating for quite some time. Popcornflix is compatible with the majority of major operating systems and should work well on any device.

The only disadvantage of this website is that you must register using your e-mail address. After you’ve logged in, you can view everything you want without any restrictions.

3. Rainierland

Rainierland is well-maintained, and the content is regularly updated. When you first visit the homepage, the sheer number of options will overwhelm you.

Additionally, some additional information on the film is included. The user interface is simple to navigate, and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. However, there is the annoyance of unwanted commercials, which can be annoying.

4. Fmovies

Fmovies is a true behemoth among the various online movie-streaming providers, almost as popular as Netflix. You can watch your favourite movies here without being interrupted. Pop-up ads do appear now and again, but they are uncommon.

Fmovies also offers high-quality HD content for free. The design is slick and the interface is smoother than most other streaming providers. Overall, this service is regarded as the king of free online streaming sites and is a great substitute for Putlocker.

5. GoMovies

GoMovies features a sleek interface that you can easily navigate through, with various tabs to help you narrow down your options. They have a large library that you can chose from. The HD option is selected, allowing you to watch your movie in high quality.

Furthermore, GoMovies continually updates its content to provide you with a fantastic experience. Prepare to be assaulted with advertisements, which may disrupt an otherwise pleasant experience.

6. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is one of the few sites that allows you to see movies that are still playing in theatres. Their home page contains filters that you may use to find the stuff you want. Latest movies, Popular movies, Movies Still in Theaters, and other criteria are available.

The website is appealing to the eye and simple to navigate. The library is enormous, and some of the films are accessible in HD. You can always trust on Moviewatcher to be a backup to your preferred online movie streaming platform because it is dependable and durable.

7. Losmovies

Losmovies is another one of the online movie streaming platforms that is sure to satisfy all of your movie desires. The majority of the content is available in 1080p, giving you a cinematic experience at home.

Losmovies is a well-maintained site with an easy-to-use layout and a wealth of information.

This webpage is ideal for non-native English speakers. LosMovies offers subtitles in a variety of languages, including Deutsch, Croatian, and Swedish. These subtitles are flawlessly synchronised and incredibly beneficial to individuals all over the world.

8. Solar Movie

Solar Movie works with a wide range of operating systems and devices. This is fantastic since it allows you to watch whatever you want, on whichever device you choose. It provides a good selection of movies and shows, as well as a visually appealing website.

The developers put forth a lot of effort to keep the information fresh and the website up to date. Pop-up adverts are uncommon, allowing you to view your movie without interruption.

Furthermore, they provide excellent HD quality, making it one of the top online movie streaming services.

9. Yes Movies

YesMovies is an excellent alternative when you want variety, with over 9000 HD films in its library. The majority of the library is made up of movies and TV series.

The website is appealing to the eye and simple to browse. On this platform, advertisements are uncommon. The user-friendly interface and extensive content make it a worthwhile visit.

10. CMovies

Fans of movies and television shows will adore this site. Because of its diverse content, it appeals to all types of media fans. You can access full-length content for no charge.

Various genres, such as romance, comedy, drama, and thriller, are available as filters to help you choose content that matches your mood.

The majority of the programming is accessible in full HD or 720p, with flawlessly synchronised subtitles.

The website is simple and easy to navigate, so you should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. Cmovies is a reputable service that is a good substitute for Putlocker.

11. Movies4U

Movies4U is one of the best free movie streaming services for movie buffs who wish to save money by watching movies for free. This website has a clean and tidy homepage with large, bold text that clearly presents its content.

There is also some more information about the films, documentaries, and television episodes. The information is updated on a regular basis, and the developers keep the website up to date.

Movies4U lives true to its reputation by offering free HD movies and television series with subtitles.

12. Moonline

Moonline is an excellent platform for watching movies online for free by categorising and organising them in a logical manner.

This allows you to quickly locate whatever you are looking for. There are many different genres to choose from, allowing you to watch a wide range of movies and shows.

Ads are few and far between, ensuring a pleasant overall experience. The user interface is simple to use and navigate. Finally, Moonline is a must-see for all film buffs.

13. 5movies

5movies is unique among free online movie streaming services in that it also allows you to download your selected content. This website’s excellent features include a user-friendly interface, well-designed webpage, and regularly updated material.

5movies is compatible with all operating systems and devices, and it is also accessible as an Android application. This website is a terrific alternative to Putlocker that allows you to view great movies and episodes for free.


Finding the ideal internet platform to watch your favourite movie or show for free can be tough. That is why we have mapped out the best 13 sites where you can easily satisfy your movie desires. Our investigation was based on a thorough examination of user feedback as well as our own personal experience with the sites.

We recommend that you visit as many of the websites on the list as possible and then pick three of your favourites. You should be able to view any movie or TV show you desire with three platforms in your pocket.

However, you should stay away from the issue of digital piracy. To do so, we recommend investing in a reputable VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will allow you to hide your IP address.

Free movie streaming sites are also known for installing malware on your computer, potentially compromising or corrupting your personal information. To avoid this, invest in strong anti-virus software that will protect your computer.

We hope you found this essay useful in some manner. To avoid any superfluous technical jargon, it was written in a clear and lucid manner. This is for everyone’s benefit of understanding. So get right in and enjoy the movies!