Top 8 Alternatives Of MegaBox HD


MegaBox HD is a smartphone application that allows users to watch movies online or download them to watch later. The software provides users with access to movies and television series. It ensures that consumers have access to the most recent updates in the mobile app. Users can select the video quality and resolution they want to watch.

The more data absorbed, the higher the resolution. The contents are neatly organised, and each one has a review box underneath it where users may leave input that may be useful to other users while exploring comparable information. One key characteristic that consumers consider to be a flaw is the lack of subtitles.


8 MegaBox HD Alternatives

1. Movie Diary

It’s another another smartphone app that mostly broadcasts movies and television shows. It contains a function that allows you to keep track of the latest content’s release dates in a calendar. Users can also download the content and stream it offline. It also has a function that allows users to create a watchlist. When you launch the app, it will propose some of the most popular series or movies in the list. The app does not require a membership in order to view its content.

2. Flixster

Its website was first discovered in 2007. The Flixster app allows you to watch movies and TV episodes online. It has had a lot of problems in recent years. However, the programme is currently safe to use. It has been turned off several times.

It allows viewers to provide input on the content they’ve seen, which will aid other viewers who are browsing the same content. It ensures that the most recent information is provided, such as movie or television programme premiere dates. It also has the capability of assisting consumers in purchasing tickets when necessary.

3. Filmmaking Prodigy

It is a Clive Skinner-developed application that provides users with reviews via a streaming platform of movies, television series, stories, and reviews. The more one uses the app, the more quickly it will learn about one’s movie interests.

4. Kanopy

It’s the ideal app for people who watch movies online on a regular basis. There are almost 1000 films in the app, covering every popular genre. It caters to all age groups, including children, through streaming content connected to educational films. It is one of the most often used apps among consumers. It’s also well-known for the high-quality videos it produces. It is available for download for free on any Android or iOS device.

5. Keep an eye on it

It is the most popular app among users. It gives users unrestricted access to the content. It specialises in movie and other entertainment-related streaming material. The software keeps users up to speed with the most recent information. It serves as a guide, instructing users on how to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, and other services.

6. The Bobby Film

It is yet another mobile application that allows users to watch movies online from a variety of genres. Bobby Movie, like the other apps described above, ensures that its customers receive the most recent updates as soon as possible. It can only be used with an Android device. It does not need users to pay for a subscription or registration.

It has the ability to send out emails to its users informing them of new upgrades or releases. The app features 225 languages in its content and can be used with Chromecast airplay.

7. BIGSTAR Films

It is an online mobile application that distributes movie and television show content. It offers a premium service that gives users access to the BIGSTAR collection, no adverts or pop-ups, and a high-definition print of the content they want. The key reason for the app’s popularity is because it delivers content that is not released or uploaded within a few working days after a user requests it. The genres of movies and television series released here are unrestricted.

8. Film Bucket List

It’s a mobile app that you may use on your phone or tablet. It offers a function that allows users to add their favourite movies to their bucket list and be notified of new releases and updates. It presents viewers with a trailer or video that gives them an accessible overview of the information. Users can also schedule a reminder using the mobile app.


The options listed above are the best Mega Box HD alternatives. Users are mostly motivated by the app’s built-in features. It’s critical that the app’s built-in functions work and that there are no loading network issues. When services are not delivered as promised, users are frequently disappointed. All of the aforementioned mobile applications were created to provide services to consumers who are addicted to movies and television series.