7 Best Remote Desktop Software Of 2022


People’s lives have changed dramatically in the last several years. The entire labour and business structure transitioned from offline to online.

People initially experienced numerous crises as a result of the insufficiency of technology and equipment, and they struggled to acclimatise to this new technological period.

However, new tools were gradually introduced, allowing humans to continue their task with ease. We’ll go through some of the most important tools that people used to support them during a crisis.


2022’s Top 7 Remote Desktop Software

The following are the top seven Remote Desktop software options for 2021.

1. ZohoAssist 

ZohoAssist is a premium remote desktop software that works on nearly all devices. The following are its specifications: –

  • Voice and video conversations are available for communication.
  • Yes, diagnostics are available.
  • Yes, you can wake up on the LAN.
  • 2FA, SSL, and 256-bit AES encryption are all included in the security package.
  • Others: iOS/Android Mobile SDK

ZohoAssist is a cloud-based programme that can be used from any computer or mobile device. It offers quick access to specialised remote support and is widely regarded as the most cost-effective remote software.

This software’s plans start at $8 per month and include capabilities such as remote printing and bespoke branding.

For technicians and IT managers, the website should be a wonderful resource. Some of the advanced features are also available if you purchase the $13 and $21 per month plans.

The programme must be a terrific solution for anyone working with sensitive data because it is protected by some of the greatest security integration.

2. Using RemotePC

RemotePC is a well-known name in remote software, with a wide range of functionality. The following are its specifications: –

  • Instant messaging and a whiteboard capability are available for communication.
  • Yes, it’s simple to transfer files.
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliance
    Personal key and TLS 1.2/AES-256 encryption are used for security.
  • Printing from a distance

The software is appropriate for use in both households and offices and industries. It makes use of cloud-based technology to give its users with some of the best features via a simple online application as well as native desktop and mobile apps. There’s also a voice chat option. The programme is safe and cost-effective.

It costs $29 per year for an individual and $290 per year for a team. The app also offers a 30-day trial for newcomers to test the software’s brilliance.

3. Control with Connectwise

The software is a robust remote access solution with a high level of specific functionality. It specialises in the following areas:

  • Yes, you can transmit files.
  • Yes, it’s cross-platform.
  • Configuration of the host pass: Yes
  • Security: Two-factor authentication (2FA) with SSL authentication.
  • Others include the extension marketplace.

For IT teams and technicians, the software has a number of remote functions that are extremely handy.

Its Support package for people starts at $19 per month and is quite handy for the team to address difficulties remotely. The Access package costs $30 per month and allows you to connect up to 25 devices.

The software can lose its efficiency and function poorly at times. The interface may stall or slow even after connecting to a high-speed Internet connection.

4. Windows Remote Utilities

With so many capabilities, the software is one of the most economical remote software options. Its specifications include the following:

  • Yes, Active Directory is supported.
  • Security: 2FA

At a cheap price, the software has a huge range of capabilities, ranging from file sharing to video conferencing. The features include access to up to 10 computers and a lifetime licence for $99. The $12,000 enterprise-level premium subscription allows for limitless users.

5. TeamViewer

For cross-platform compatibility, the programme is the best remote software. The following are its specifications: –

  • Yes, you can transmit files.
  • Yes, you can wake up on the LAN.
  • Install the following features:
    Automated bulk deployment, remote installation.
  • Unattended access must be secure.
  • Other features include 4K monitor support and ServiceCamp ticket management.

You can use TeamViewer to access remote features from any device or computer. Individuals can access a free version of the software, while organisations and industries are required to purchase a premium subscription.

The cost of the subscription is rather high. A single licence starts at $59 per month. The programme, on the other hand, is pretty amazing and produces excellent outcomes.

6. LogMeIn Pro 

LogMeIn Pro is an excellent piece of software for huge corporations and industries. It is a cloud-based software that has some of the most sophisticated and remarkable capabilities. The following are its specifications: –

  • Yes, you can transmit files.
  • 1TB of file storage.
  • Yes, multi-monitor support is available.

Because of its characteristics, the programme is highly popular among businesses. It has a slew of remarkable features tailored specifically for major corporations and enterprises.

The monthly fee for paid access is $30. A 14-day free trial is also included with the software. The software is highly secure and includes live data backup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It should be noted that performance can be slow at times.

7. Remote Desktop Manager

The programme is a simple-to-use remote control that links a large number of devices and has strong security features. The following are its specifications: –

  • Auditing and activity logging.
  • Multiple 2FA alternatives are available for security.
  • Other services include password management and account brokering.

Businesses and corporations can benefit greatly from the software. It works with both Android and iOS smartphones that are connected. It also provides a high level of security.

The programme is rather pricey, with single user access starting at $199.99 per year and a business team membership starting at $4999.99. Overall, it’s excellent software for high-volume tasks.


Users can choose any of these applications based on their comfort and budget because there are so many possibilities available.

Remote software is in high demand in the industry because it assists organisations in running their operations properly. Remote software comes with a wide range of functions, and the most of them include a 30-day trial period.

This allows users to select from the following choices before making a purchase. This so-called digital era benefits greatly from remote software. Even in the midst of the pandemic, people can go about their business in peace and comfort.