N. Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

N. Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

TOKYO — After extending his Olympic run with a victory over Argentina, American beach volleyball player N. Lucena had grand plans: treatment, a shower, “maybe get my nails done, all that stuff.”

N. Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

His business partner, a graduate of Mainland High School named Phil Dalhausser, mumbled, “Jerk,” under his breath.

N. Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

N. Lucena is in a modified quarantine because he shared a plane with Taylor Crabb, a fellow beach volleyball player who tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Japan. While N. Lucena is free to roam the Olympic Village (as much as anyone is with a state of emergency in Tokyo), Crabb’s case has forced the cancellation of some events.

This meant that the athletes couldn’t train together for five days leading up to the Tokyo Olympics, and that they still can’t train together outside of specific late-night hours after everyone else has left the facility. There has been no improvement in their ability to collaborate with other teams during training.

Dalhausser Claims that he could Reach Out and Touch Both Walls of his initial Quarantine Cell at Once.

It was, let’s put it this way, difficult. After three days, he said, “Team USA busted me out” and transferred him to a Hilton. “Everyone has been so encouraging. The amount of praise I can give it is infinite. Sure, things may be worse, but they could also be much better.

He said that Crabb, who did test positive for COVID-19, has been freed from quarantine and is already back in Hawaii with his family. A close contact isolation protocol has not been lifted for Dalhausser, Claes, or Gibb.

Last Words

N. Lucena has observed that “Phil’s kind of removed from everything.” I’ll become upset and possibly cuss a few times if I get involved.

When asked if he thought it was fair to compete against teams who had access to medical care and training that he did not, Dalhausser replied, “It’s definitely not level.”

It’s unfortunate that this happened to us, he remarked, but he recognised the gravity of the situation and appreciated Tokyo’s efforts to be as cautious as possible. Thanks for reading our article N. Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.