Top 9 KissCartoon Alternatives


You probably remember the times when we looked forward to watching our favorite cartoons, such as Tom & Jerry, Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z, Ben 10 and much more. Even though we lost touch with watching cartoons as we grew up, our love for them remains the same.

It excites us to watch cartoons just as much, but it is difficult to find the cartoons we watched as children. Those old cartoons can still be relived thanks to online streaming websites like Kisscartoon.

KissCartoon is a well-known website that features HD cartoons that can be watched online or downloaded. Search, stream, and download the latest and hottest cartoons from around the world for free.


There is no doubt that Kisscartoon is a wonderful choice to watch & download your favourite cartoons, however, there are other Kisscartoon alternatives websites that deserve our attention equally.We have listed 9 Kisscartoon alternatives to watch free cartoons for free.

Top 9 Kisscartoon Alternatives For Watching Free Cartoons Online

Despite Kisscartoon being an amazing website for watching cartoons, there are times when you may not be able to find your favorite cartoons or become bored with the recommended cartoons, or technical problems can arise. You can still watch your favorite cartoons with a list of the top 9 Kisscartoon alternatives listed below.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a popular & great website for anime lovers. Apart from anime, it also offers manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, and much more interesting series for you to explore, watch & enjoy.It has around 25000+ databases of anime episodes with several genres to choose from. By using the Crunchy Roll website, you can watch and stream all of your favorite shows for free.

2. 9Anime

If you are looking for specific shows to watch then 9Anime is your one-stop site for everything.  The high-quality cartoon videos is the best feature of 9Anime website.You can easily browse anime shows alphabetically from A to Z with ease. Consequently, you can find your favorite cartoon quickly and easily on 9Anime.

A brief summary of the 9Anime website is that it will provide the best entertainment experience in the shortest time to all cartoon lovers around the world. You can stream both dubbed and subbed anime episodes in high definition on this streaming website.

3. KissAnime

Kissanime website is a lot like Kisscartoon the only noticeable difference lies in the color scheme of both. However, the Kissanime website is more anime-oriented, so there is a chance that you might not get a wide range of cartoons series.Despite that this website is worth giving it a try if you are looking for an option.

4. Cartoons On

Cartoons On website has a user-friendly interface, which is one way that attracts several cartoons, lovers, around the globe. It offers a huge database of cartoons with several genres to explore & choose from.There is something surprising about Cartoons On in that you can choose from several characters on the list and soon you will find a large collection of cartoons based on that characters.

After you find your favorite cartoons you can add them to your favorite lists. The site allows you to watch cartoons and animation shows from different studios, including Walt Disney, Marvel Comics, Pixar, and more. In addition, the website is updated regularly and does not charge a subscription fee.

5. Cartoon Network

Remember the days when we could not get enough of Cartoon Network, Tom & Jerry, Dragon Tales, courage: the cowardly dog, and many more.  You will never get bored watching Cartoon Network because every show is filled with funny moments, songs, and trailers.

Cartoon Network, which broadcasts on both TV and the web, has the largest selection of cartoon shows, is kid-friendly, and is the perfect viewing platform for people of all ages.And what could be more exciting than an online cartoon streaming service that allows you to search, watch, and download old cartoon network shows?

6. Watch Cartoon Online

It is also known by cartoon enthusiasts as “WCO” as a Kisscartoon alternative. This Kisscartoon alternative offers a wide selection of Cartoon Categories, including Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Action, and Drama. The website provides classics to the newest cartoons and timely updates the database. No subscription is required to stream online.

7. YouTube 

It’s no secret that YouTube is the biggest video sharing website, which makes it an excellent alternative to Kisscartoon. Additionally, YouTube has an Android app specifically designed for kids called YouTube kid, which is one of the reasons that make it an excellent alternative to Kisscartoon.

You can search for any cartoon show you want to watch by simply using the search bar. There are a variety of cartoon genres on YouTube, so you can skim & explore more, and choose to watch what you like.

8. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon, a classic alternative to Kisscartoon, is quite popular and recognized everywhere. Nickelodeon originated as a television network for basic cable and satellite services in the United States was quite popular in the early days.

Currently, it offers various additional services such as games, playlists, and clips, to better satisfy the needs of users. You can watch everything for free on the official website, and you can also manage all your shows and restrict shows for kids. You might find the user interface a bit challenging at first, however, with time, you will get used to it.

9. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is a popular kid-friendly channel that offers anime cartoons, games, videos, and the best-known classics like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc.Disney Junior allows you to search, stream & download cartoons for free.

The website has a simple & attractive user interface that is easy to use.Additionally, there are no unnecessary widgets on the website, making it a very clean platform. This ensures, that you can easily find their favorite cartoon shows on it.

Its other features include a collection of first-class Disney shows, an efficient & speedy website, webpage security, and it is fully legal. Apart from your laptop & smartphone, it can be streamed on smart TV as well.To make the most of these features, simply sign up for an account and you can start watching your favorite cartoons.


There are many websites that feature cartoons that can be viewed online or downloaded for free. Kisscartoon is one of those websites, which allows users from all parts of the world to stream or watch or download their favorite cartoon shows online.

Although, if you are looking for another website to stream your favorite cartoon shows online, then you can check out the above-mentioned top 9 Kisscartoon alternative websites.

One important thing to note is that all these websites may seem a lot like Kisscartoon, but each one have their own unique features which all guarantee you to stream the most wonderful cartoons online.