Windows 7 Build 7601 This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

Windows 7 Build 7601 This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting the “This Copy of Windows is not genuine” or “Windows 7 Not Genuine” message. If you’re getting this message, Windows is telling you that its licence or product key has expired or that you’re using a copy of Windows that isn’t legitimate.

Getting Rid of the “This Version of Windows Is Not Genuine” Message

It is possible to restore Windows 7’s authenticity in a few different ways. Without resorting to a crack like KMS Pico, you’ll find some actual solutions to this problem right here.

Although it has the ability to activate Windows, this crack is malicious. It is not compatible with Microsoft software and may infect your computer with malware.

Windows 7 Build 7601 This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine

The following procedures are completely legal. Assume the risk of software piracy if you use a crack.

Method 1. If you are Using a Regular Account and see this Issue, you must First Switch Back to the Admin Account.

  1. Find the command prompt (cmd) by searching the Start menu. If you do a search for “command prompt,” cmd.exe will come up; to run it as administrator, simply right-click on it. An elevated command prompt will open.
  2. Now that the command prompt is open, type SLMGR -REARM into it.
  3. If you want the command to work, you must enter it exactly as shown and access the command prompt as an administrator.
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard after typing the above command into the command prompt window.
  5. Step 4: A confirmation popup will provide the details of the command execution as soon as you push enter.
  6. To dismiss the pop-up window, select the “OK” button.
  7. Reboot your machine. When you restart, you shouldn’t see messages like “This copy of Windows is not genuine” or “Windows 7 build 7601 or 7600” again.

Method 2: Disable Windows 7 Authentication by Removing KB971003

Most people leave Windows Update enabled to download and instal updates automatically, which ensures that the latest security, compatibility, and other updates are always installed.

Microsoft regularly rolls out patches to combat illegal OS distribution and the use of stolen licencing keys. Windows 7 may display a “not genuine” error from time to time if you have just installed an update, even though you have always used a genuine and original product key.

The following procedures should be followed if your copy of Windows 7 stops being genuine after an update:

  1. Access the Settings by clicking the Start button.
  2. Find Windows Update toward the bottom of the Settings window.
  3. The list of Windows updates that have already been installed can be viewed by selecting the View Installed Updates option.
  4. Using the double-click method, locate KB971033 and delete it.
  5. Also, check for any updates that may have been installed recently. Track down the updates, and remove them as well.

You should no longer encounter the “Windows is not genuine” error after doing that restart. However, the issue will return if you update Windows 7 once more. You should think about turning off Windows Updates.

Windows build 7601 authenticity issue has been resolved at long last. You can now restart your computer to check that Windows is properly activated and to apply a custom background image.

Simply right-click the desktop and select “Personalize” to make it your own. Decide on a new background for your computer’s desktop and apply it.

Method 3: Re-Register Your License Key

A Windows update has the potential to invalidate your PC’s original licencing key. Reinstalling Windows or performing a system recovery could cause this issue as well. You can re-register the product key in this situation.

The product key is typically located on the underside of a laptop with an original licence. Take note of it once you’ve located it.

  1. Now that you’re back in Windows, press the Win+R keys together to bring up the “Run” menu.
  2. Just enter “slui.exe” and hit OK to proceed.
  3. Click “Retype your product key” when prompted to activate Windows again. Enter the key you wrote down above.
  4. If it doesn’t work, go back into the Windows Activation box and click “Activate Windows Online Now.” If that works, your licence should be reactivated automatically.

If you’re having trouble activating online, select “See alternative methods to activate” and proceed with the steps provided.

Avoid Using Unauthorized Keygens or Cracks

There could be a plethora of tools and cracks available online to help you with this. However, these programmes will severely damage your PC. Any attempt to fix a problem by applying a patch, crack, or activator might cause irreparable damage to your operating system and even introduce malware.

The result could be the theft of sensitive information or the spread of malware to other machines on your network.

Reportedly, malware is present in pirated versions of Windows 7. Attackers can steal your login credentials for your various online accounts if you have spyware installed on your computer.

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