Windows 11 Secure Boot

Windows 11 Secure Boot

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced two new necessities: TPM and Secure Boot. The Microsoft claims that Windows 11’s security and privacy are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of both of these capabilities.

Many forms of malware are now rendered useless on Windows 11, especially if Secure Boot is used. In addition, it stops malicious programmes and drivers from being installed at boot time.

If you’re using Windows 11 and wish to make use of secure boot, read on! The instructions can be used with either the BIOS or UEFI firmware.

Windows 11 Secure Boot

Turn on Windows 11 Secure Boot (2023)

Step 1. First, you must access the computer’s BIOS or UEFI in order to activate safe boot on Windows 11. To access the BIOS or UEFI menu, just use the tutorial we provided as a link.

Step 2. To enable Secure Boot, follow these steps: 2. Navigate to “Security,” “System Configuration,” or “Boot,” according on your manufacturer’s settings layout. In order to activate it, press the Enter key. If it’s disabled, it’s because you haven’t set an administrator password.

Step 3. Set the Administrator password by navigating to “Security.” You should either commit this password to memory or record it somewhere safe. Starting now, entering BIOS requires this password. When using Windows 11, the Administrator password may alternatively be referred to as the Supervisor password.

Step 4. Select Secure Boot from the right menu, and activate it this time. When you’re done, select “Save and quit” by pressing F10 and then Enter.

Step 5. Pressing the Windows key once after booting into Windows 11 will reveal whether Secure Boot is enabled or disabled. Next, click “System Information” from the search results after typing “system.”

Step 6. Look for “Secure Boot State” to be “On” under the “System Summary” tab. Congratulations, Windows 11 now uses Secure boot.

Windows 11’s Secure Boot Feature Helps Against Attacks From Malicious Software.

This concludes the steps necessary to enable secure boot in Windows 11. Protecting your PC against modified bootloaders and unapproved ROMs requires keeping secure boot enabled.

Turn on TPM in Windows 11 if you also want to use this important extra layer of protection for your computer. It will protect all of your login information, making Windows 11 even more private. Lastly, please post any remaining questions or comments below.