5 Best VPN Chrome Extensions In 2021


We are living in the 21st century where everything is digitalized. We use technology to store personal details, confidential documents, etc to make our work easy. When we use a browser it collects our IP address, location etc. It can access the data without our knowledge. When we are online, our browser starts sending this data to the sites we have visited.

If we use a malicious site, it can collect much more data like our passwords, our personal information we stored in our device, the networks connected to our device etc. This makes our data most vulnerable to attackers.

Therefore, we should prefer some application which could protect our data. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is such an application we can use to secure our data. VPN is used to develop a private configuration over a public network that encrypts our data.

It can also be used to obtain access to banned websites. It has no location-specific restrictions. But some VPN s do not provide secured services. So we have to protect our connection with the trusted VPN browser extension.

Top 5 VPN Chrome Extension in 2021

Here are few VPN extensions, that secure your data and enable safe browsing which are available in 2021. So let’s have a look on them.

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is supported on all Operating Systems and can also be used as an extension for browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Pros –

It maintains the ultimate privacy and safety point.

NordVPNuses a kill switch that doesn’t compromise privacy and obscurity.

The occurrence of Domain Name System(DNS)leaks is not possible.

It has a double VPN to ensure two times protection.

One amazing aspect is that it operates on 6 devices with only 1 account.

It has a fast and stable speed for surfing the web.

Cons –

It is a slow app. However, the configuration of the open VPN is not user-friendly, in many devices.

What do we like about Nord VPN: The extension of Nord VPN is lightweight. Moreover, it doesn’t slow your PC. It has the facility to disable WebRTC. It allows you to browse anonymously. NordVPN has 5515 servers across the globe and you can try 30 days money guarantee service.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is compatible with all the Operating Systems. Its new protocol was Lightway. It is used to build connections fast and reliable.

Pros –

It has advanced safety on apps and servers.
It has no logs’ policy
It has Very fast networks

Cons –

Express VPN is a bit costly when compared to others.
Streaming servers aren’t labeled.

What do we like about ExpressVPN: It is a user-friendly VPN service. If you are denied from accessing any website which asks for GPS permission it spoofs your HTML geolocation to grant you access anonymously. ExpressVPN’s extension and app combined provide strong security. ExpressVPN won’t keep logs of searching history. It also supports torrenting on P2P servers. It has 3000+ server locations in 94 countries.

3. HotspotShield VPN

HotspotShield VPN is available on all Operating systems. Hotspot Shield is a beginner-friendly Browser plug-in and its setup is easy.

Pros –

It has zero log’s policy.
Hotspot Shield VPN uses military-grade encryption.
It has built in WebRTC blocking and malware blocker.
It employs catapult hydra protocol which is extensively faster than open VPN.
Hotspot Shield has highly specific AES-256 encryption.

Cons –

It has no own DNS servers.
Its premium account requires a high price.
Kill switch works with only Windows.

What do we like about Hotspot Shield VPN: Chrome extension of Hotspot Shield provides utmost security. It works with high speeds and maximum bandwidth. It also supports for torrenting In P2P servers. Hotspot Shield is durable and budget-friendly. Although it is high priced, it offers a 45-day money guarantee. It has 1800+ global server areas.

4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access works on all Operating Systems. Extension for Chrome is easy to install and use. It too has a kill switch to ensure topmost secrecy. Private Internet Access VPN utilizes smart security features.

Pros –

It has DNS leaks blocking and WebRTC blocking.
Safeguard no logs protocol
Disables third party entry to your device.
It is one of the fastest VPN.

Cons –

Few streaming choices.
Some DNS leaks may occur in browser extensions.
It is not a full VPN.

What do we like about Private Internet Access VPN: PIA ensures security when using unrestricted Wi-FI. It also accomplishes an ad-block feature. It supports torrenting on P2P servers. Other sites cannot access your gadget’s camera or location. Customer service for PIA is available through a ticket system. It has 26159+ server localities across the globe.

5. ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN works on almost all Operating Systems. Its VPN protection switches on as soon as we connect to the internet. It is inbuilt with a kill switch to ensure safety. ZenMate has a unique characteristic known as smart price. It can be used to save your money.

Pros –

It lightens the speed.
It follows a strict no-logs policy.
Numerous servers.
It supports WebRTC and a NATFirewall.

Cons –

ZenMate has limited customer service.
6Its privacy is uncertain.

What do we like about ZenMate VPN: It prohibits hackers from monitoring your device. It has a free version which offers an enormous amount of features. ZenMate is simple in terms of usage. It also ensures the anonymity of the users. ZenMate’s premium version extends to connect unlimited devices. Torrenting is supported in ZenMate for only P2P traffic. It presently has 2705 servers across 78 nations. ZenMate is also accessible with 30 days money-back guarantee policy.


It is crucial to use VPN If you have security and intimacy concerns. Although there are lots of VPNs are available, many of them cannot guarantee customer’s privacy. So we have to choose carefully. Demand for certain features varies from person to person.

We need to know which VPN is suitable for our needs. Utmost all VPNs use premium versions to give ultimate privacy and safety. The above mentioned. VPNs are generally employed to unblock our favorite shows which stream on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, HULU, and many more.