Uplay Connection Lost in Windows 10


We all are familiar with digital distribution platforms which are designed to manage digital goods and distribute those to users. These digital goods include videos, games, audio, eBooks, etc.

Uplay is one such digital distribution platform where you can purchase, download and play games. Uplay is created by Ubisoft. In order to access the content of Uplay, we need an Uplay account with a username and password.

If you are a Windows user, you require Uplay even if you purchase a game from diverse platforms such as Steam. In a few instances, we may experience slow downloads, disconnections, or connectivity related issues of Uplay.

These issues might occur due to the following reasons. Outdated Windows firewall, Malicious host files, Running too many background files, Problems in settings of Uplay and so on.

Uplay Connection Lost in Windows 10

Let us discuss the remedies to the connectivity problems which occur in Windows 10. Here we go!

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1. Review the Updates of Windows Firewall

Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10 is an application that screens information from the Internet and restricts the applications which are harmful to the device. Sometimes Uplay will not function appropriately due to the outdated firewall present in Windows.

So we prefer to update it. If the latest version is downloaded and the problem may still exist. In that case, you are advised to try switching it to an off position. To do so, observe the provided steps.

Step 1: Open the Windows Firewall icon. You can find it at the bottom right corner on the desktop.

Step 2: Select the Firewall and network protection option.

Step 3: Now click on public (non-discoverable) network and a Windows firewall will appear on the screen. Now turn off it.

2. Review Proxy and Offline Mode Settings

Sometimes your Uplay settings may be set to launch offline every time you begin it. Hence, when you open Uplay with the Internet on, it may not connect. So in order to change settings.

Step 1: Open Uplay and click on menu which is situated on the right side and top of Uplay Windows.

Step 2: Open settings and Uncheck the option “Always start Uplay in offline mode”.

Step 3: Or you can click on Change proxy settings.

3. Avoid Running Multiple Background Files

We may run numerous files at a time in the background. This can be a reason to the connection failure of Uplay. We need to close down these applications so that Uplay can work without troubles. To shut down the background files do the following

Step 1: Go to the start option.

Step 2: Type Run in the search bar and click on the appeared option.

Step 3: Now type misconfig in the search tab and press enter.

Step 4: There we will find a tab named system configuration.

Step 5: Click on general option then uncheck the option load start-up items.

Step 6: Click Apply and press ok.

If this works you must understand that some application constraints internet access to Uplay servers. So it must be identified and rectified.

4. Restricting the Networks

Usually, we use the Uplay application with Wi-Fi connection. If there is a connection problem in Uplay it may be due to the restrictions placed by Internet Service Providers or network administrators. In such a case contact them for further services.
If you use a VPN, it interrupts the Uplay servers and causes disturbances.

So it is advised to shut them down. This is also applicable to Internet Connection Sharing programs. If Uplay works with VPN only, then there must be defects in the formats of local network settings. Hence, you must rectify them. Eventually, we generally use antivirus software for our PC. It is recommended to ensure that the configuration of antivirus is correctly implemented.

5. Flush the Damaged DNS Files

The Domain Name System specifies the names of internet sites with their implicit IP addresses making it efficient. Our computer stores the IP addresses of the sites we visited.  In a long run, these files may get broken or become stale. These may even halt internet connection. So flushing this type of files is necessary. We can flush DNS files as explained below

Step 1: Click the start button and type cmd in the search bar

Step 2: Command prompt option will appear. Right-click on it and run it as administrator.

Step 3: Now type config/flushdns in the command prompt and press enter.

Step 4: Exit command prompt and restart PC.

Note: these steps only work for Windows version 10.

6. Reset the Existing Host Files

The Host file is employed by the operating system of windows to human-friendly hostnames to computer understanding address known as internet Protocol (IP) addresses which recognize and place a host in a suitable IP network. These host files may also contain vicious files. These can disturb the connectivity of the internet. So to reset these host files follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the folder c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

Step 2: Rename the hosts folder to host.old

Step 3: Now generate a new folder with default host named hosts

Step 4: Confirm that the extension of the file should not be

Step 5: Directly open this newly developed file in notepad and copy the below-given text into it.

Now save the file and move it to the above-mentioned address. This will help you to solve the connection issues of Uplay.

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These are a few solutions that will help if there arises a problem related to connectivity in Uplay. Even if the problem still exists after trying given solutions then you need to contact Ubisoft directly.