How to Fix This Site Can’t Be Reached


Google formulated an extensive browser by the name Chrome. It is the most broadly used browser. It is estimated that around 66% of Internet users employed Chrome as a default browser on all platforms. Chrome works on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android Etc. Apart from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows also uses Chrome as a browser. As we are using Chrome as the default browser, we may come across the problem “This site can’t be reached right now” While opening a website.

This is the most common error that We usually face. This so happens because the website is not available, or it may be an Internet connection problem. Usually, a code will appear after the error occurring. This code might help In understanding the problem that occurred. Consequently, the most prevalent Error in Google Chrome, “This site can’t be reached right now,” is also developed by some code.

Accordingly, there are two varieties of codes that are followed by the error. They are given as err_connection_refused, Server DNS address could not be found, and DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. These error codes indicate something about the difficulty which arose. When we think of the Reason why the error occurred. Here are few possibilities.

  1. It is the Chrome settings that allow only selected websites to open.
  2. DNS settings.
  3. Internet connection problem.
  4. Network adapter driver.

Although these are the reasons for which the error occurs, We cannot mention a specific solution to the problem. But we can try some solutions which may work. So these are the remedies that may help to fix the “This site can’t be reached right now” error.

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Reset Transmission Control Protocol And Internet Protocol

It is the easiest way to solve the given problem. It defines how two computers can communicate with each other. In order to reset TCP/IP In Windows operating system, we use the command prompt. Follow the instructions given below.

  1. Click on the start button. And Type cmd in the search bar.
  2. Now right-click on the command prompt option and run it as an administrator.
  • Type the following commands and hit enter after each and every Command running completely.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

  1. Now exit from the command prompt and Restart your PC and check whether you are able to open the website, which initially shown an error. If not, try another method.

Alter Ipv4 DNS Address

An IP address performs two key functions. It identifies the host or specifically its network interface, and it provides the location of the host in the network, and thus the ability to establish a way to that host.

IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol version 4. IPv4 DNS Address is typically set to retrieve DNS server address automatically or set to some DNS server address delivered by your Internet Service Provider. We can transform IPv4 DNS addresses. It is considered to solve your problem. To change the IPv4 Address, follow the given instructions below.

Step 1: Press Windows and R keys simultaneously

Step 2: Type ncpa.CPL in the open bar and click OK

Step 3: Double-click on the internet connection, and after a status window is opened, click on properties.

Step 4: Now click on the Network tab and next double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option

Step 5: Under the general tab, click on Use the following DNS server address and type the given google public DNS address as follows.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Step 6: Select the box to validate settings upon exit and press OK. Now you can exit.

If this method does not help, try the 4th method.

Check the option- Automatically Detect Settings.

A local area network (LAN) is a compilation of gadgets linked jointly in one physical location, like a building, office, or home. A LAN may be small or broad, varying from a residence network with a single user to a business network with thousands of users and devices in an office or academy.

We need to make sure That LAN Automatically detects the settings. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1:Press the windows and R buttons simultaneously.

Step 2:Now type inetcpl.cpl In the open box and press OK

Step 3: In the Connection tab, go to LAN settings.

Step 4: In the LAN settings, make sure that the Automatically detect settings option is checked. If not, check it.

Step 5: Now, you can click OK.

If this method doesn’t work, try another method.

Permit DNS prefetching

As we know DNS prefetching, is the function of specifying a website’s IP address before a user clicks on its link. It tries to solve latency issues linked with DNS resolution, which can add several instants to a site’s page load time.

To overwhelm the issue of “this site can’t be reached right now” in Chrome, You may need to allow DNS prefetching to prefetch the DNS settings. Follow the given steps.

Step 1:Click on the three dots that appear on the right corner of the Chrome page.

Step 2:From the displayed options, click on settings.

Step 3: Now click on the Advanced settings option.

Step 4: Finally, go to the “Privacy” section and mark the “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly” option.

This method will probably solve your problem. In case it doesn’t solve, go to Method 10.

Disable Experimental QUIC Protocol

QUIC is a protocol modelled by Google to make the web faster and more efficient. QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is a modern Internet transport protocol, which is encrypted by default. It contributes a number of improvements designed to quicken HTTP traffics as well as make it safen, with the intentional goal of ultimately replacing TCP and TLS on the web.

As It is enabled by default in Google Chrome, We need to disable it. To do so, the instructions are as follows.

Step1: Click on the address bar of Chrome And type the following text, and hit enter after that.


Step 2: Now press Ctrl + F to display a Find box. In that box, type experimental QUIC protocol and search it.

Step 3: A box with experimental QUIC protocol will appear. It would be set to default. However, now differ it to disable.

Now review if this method works.

Running of Windows Network Diagnostics

As we know that the Windows Network Diagnostics Platform assists users in diagnosing and settling network connection cases. This technique will detect any problem related to Network and make an effort to fix them. To Run Windows Network Diagnostics, we use the following instructions.

Step 1: Press Windows and R simultaneously. A window will appear.

Step 2: type inetcpl.cpl in the open tab and click OK

Step 3: Under the general tab, click on the diagnostics button.

Step 4: This will Run Network Diagnostics. So wait until the process is accurate. After completion of the procedure, disconnect and reconnect your Internet connection. And check if this technique functions.

By Restarting DNS Client Service

The DNS Client service deduces and caches Domain Name System (DNS) names. If this service is halted, a virtual gadget will not be able to resolve DNS names and discover Active Directory domain controllers. This might be a reason for the error to arise.

To reset the DNS client service, follow the given steps

Step 1: Press Windows and R keys simultaneously.

Step 2: in the open bar type service.msc and search for it.

Step 3: A service list will arise. In that list, search for Client service. Once found, click on it.

Step 4: Now, on the left side of the window, click on the restart button.

Now check if this method works. If not, next try the 8th method.

  1. Transform the Maximum TLS version value (enabled)

Another flag in Chrome is TLS. Transport Layer Security, short TLS, is a cryptographic protocol organized to deliver communications protection over a computer network. The TLS protocol aims predominantly to provide privacy and data integrity between two or further communicating computer applications. We need to improve its value so that chrome may operate without errors.

Step 1: Open Chrome, and in the Chrome address bar, search for Chrome://flags

Step 2: Now press Ctrl+F. A find box will appear.

Step 3: In that box, type TLS and search.

Step 4: A window named maximum TLS version will appear. Alter its value from default to TLS 1.3

Now Restart your PC and try again.

  1. Reset Chrome Settings

The reset feature fixes several issues by restoring Chrome to its factory default state while saving your integral data like bookmarks and open tabs. Cookies and site data will be vacated.

To reset chrome settings.

Step 1:In, the chrome address bar, search chrome://flags

Step 2: A list of flags will appear. In the top right corner, you will discover the Reset to default button. Click on that.

  1. Reinstalling Chrome

If you’re carrying issues with Google Chrome, reinstalling may be the reasonable way to work out your problems.

If the above-mentioned methods do not work, then we require to uninstalling Chrome and try to install it again. Uninstalling Chrome will eliminate all the data, which may also comprise improperly configured files. To uninstall chrome.

Step 1: click on the start button and search for Apps and features.

Step 2: click on the appeared window and recognize Google chrome in the list.

Step 3: Click on Google Chrome and uninstall it.

Step 4: Now open the Google Chrome website and install chrome’s latest version. This will precisely work.

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When the error “This site can’t be reached right now” occurs, it was barely the fault of chrome. The above-mentioned methods may work to a maximum extent. So check that your Chrome version is the latest one. If not, then update it. This may help in overwhelming the problem.