5 Best Alternatives to Swift Streamz in 2023


With live TV gaining popularity in the community, it is quite convenient to watch our favourite TV channels or stay up to speed on sports or news with just a mobile phone or a laptop and an internet connection, removing the need for a cable TV.

Swift Streamz is an example of a platform that is well-known in this category. This website allows users to stream their favourite movies and entertainment channels, as well as watch their favourite football team’s games.


This platform’s channels are updated on a regular basis to keep users up to date with their material. Premium outlets such as SYFY, AMC USA, Fox News, Romedy Now, and others can be accessed through this platform.

Swift Streamz 5 Best Alternatives in 2022

To be safe in case there are any issues with this platform, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to Swift Streamz that you can use to stream. For your convenience, I’ve included a list below.

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1. NetTV 

Live NetTV is the top on our list. Live NetTV is a streaming network that allows you to watch live television. This network offers over 800 channels to pick from, covering subcategories such as sports, entertainment, news, and other topics.

If desired, one can also download this platform on their laptop via various software. It is updated on a regular basis. It’s also free to use, and users don’t have to pay anything to get access to the information.

This platform is also available for Android phones. Although the design is straightforward and easy to use, there are certain advertisements that can be encountered while using this platform.

2. World of USTV

USTV World is up next on our list. Another live streaming option that may be used to watch live TV is USTV World. On this site, you may access high-quality sports channels such as Fox Sports and others.

It contains around 150+ channels, with more being added on a regular basis as it is updated. It also features a large number of European and American channels that can be streamed. To access the content, there is no need to pay a membership fee or go through a registration process.

3. GHD Sports 

GHD Sports is the next company on our list. It is, as the name implies, a platform that allows users to stream their favourite sports channels without missing any of their favourite team’s games. All of the popular pay channels are available for free on this platform.

Also, there is no need to compromise on the quality of the stream because this platform offers high-quality streaming video to its consumers. This platform can be downloaded on an Android phone or even a PC. It’s entirely free to use.

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4. Now on UKTV

UKTV Now is the next on our list. It’s another another fantastic platform that allows viewers to watch live television. This site allows users to access a library of over 1000 channels for free, ranging from basic channels to premium channels such as HBO and AMC.

To access the content, there is no need to create an account or go through any sort of registration process. All one has to do is choose the channel they want to watch and they’re ready to go.

5. AceStreams Player HD 

The last but not least is AceStreams Player HD. AceStreams Player HD is another well-known platform that, like the others, allows users to watch their favourite live TV channels for free on their Android phones or laptops.

To access the content available on this platform, you do not need to have a subscription or register. This website allows users to view their favourite football events without missing a single one.

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I hope that the information provided above enables you to continue to watch your favourite live TV channels without the need for a cable box and instead utilise phones or PCs with a stable internet connection to stream anywhere and at any time. Good luck with your streaming.