Q. Antognelli Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Q. Antognelli Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Is Q. Antognelli going to be the next Monégasque athlete to qualify for the Japanese Olympics after table tennis champion Ziaoxin Yang? The sculler will compete in the European rowing qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in just a few days’ time. The event will take place in Varese, Italy.

Participants will race 2000 metres in about seven minutes, and only the best three scorers will receive the grand prize of a trip to Tokyo. The athlete from Monaco recently said, “I took part in national tournaments in France and things went well.”

Q. Antognelli Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

I’m in pretty decent physical condition, I think. Most of the other competitors here are ones I’ve rowed against before, and we always raced on even terms.

How About Tokyo in 2024 instead of Paris?

If Q. Antognelli were to make it into the Olympics, it would be the pinnacle of his life (1.89m, 84kg). “The Olympics are an honourable competition. It would be incredible to make the cut and then make a splash with your performance.

Should the sculler fail to make the cut in Varese, he would still have a shot at making the team in Lucerne, Switzerland. From May 15-17, he could compete in the world qualifying regatta, but only the top two finishers from this event would advance to Tokyo.

Even though Q. Antognelli, a rower, has his sights set on Tokyo 2020, he also plans to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics, following in the footsteps of Xiaoxin Yang. To be at the top of your game in sculling, you need to put in a lot of time and effort over the course of several years, which is why most of the athletes I’ve seen are four or

Q. Antognelli is in the last year of his master’s programme in business management at Oxford Brooks University in England.

Oxford is a legendary name in rowing. Nearly twenty athletes that I work with are preparing to compete for Great Britain in the upcoming Olympic Games. Simply being in their presence is an honour.

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