Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Standings 2022

Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Standings 2022

After four of eight scheduled games at the 2022 Winter Olympics, the top teams in the mixed doubles curling tournament are beginning to separate from the pack.

The Italian team’s performance, as the only remaining unbeaten side, has been the biggest surprise of the Olympics so far.

Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Standings 2022

Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling

With a fifth-place performance at the most recent World Championships under their belts, the Italian combination of Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner entered the Olympics as one of just three Italian teams to ever place in the top 10 at the Olympics.

To put it another way, the duo split their 10 games versus other rival teams at a perfect 5-5.

Italy’s first five Olympic games were played against the four worst teams in the tournament, giving them a significant advantage. The Italians have only played one 1-point game, yet they have outscored their opponents 44-36.

Previous than an 8-point victory over the Czech Republic, all of their other victories have been by a score of four points (twice).

In a 7-5 victory over the reigning world champions Great Britain on Saturday morning, Italy showed that its recent success has been no fluke.

On Sunday at 1:05 a.m. ET, Italy will play China, another lowly placed team. However, in the next two games of the round robin, Italy will face Sweden and Canada, now ranked second and fourth, respectively.

Currently, as of Saturday, if the round robin round of the tournament were to complete right now, the four teams advancing to the semifinals would be Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, and Canada.

Team USA and Canada were tied for fourth place going into Saturday morning, but a Canadian victory in Session 9 propelled John Morris and Rachel Homan into the playoffs.

Vicky Persinger and Chris Plys of the United States are now tied for fifth place with the Norwegian duo. The Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Great Britain will make up their last three opponents.

The semi-finals, featuring the top four teams, will be contested at 7:05 a.m. EST on Monday.

Olympic Mixed Doubles Curling Standings 2022:

  1. Italy (6-0)
  2. Sweden (5-2)
  3. Canada (4-2)
  4. Great Britain (4-2)
  5. Norway (3-3)
  6. United States (3-3)
  7. China (2-4)
  8. Czech Republic (2-4)
  9. Switzerland (2-4)
  10. Australia (0-7)

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