5 How to Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error on Smartphone


The invention of mobile phones has changed the lifestyle of the 20th century. Mobile has brought people closer, made communication loss easier than it was earlier. We can talk to anyone, from anywhere, anytime.

The mobile phone has connected people who are far away from each other. Mobiles are now a necessity for most people. Obviously, with time, technology has improved.

Mobiles of the present time are able to perform a lot of functions than earlier. Like receiving signal was a major problem when mobiles were first introduced.

Sometimes, it could be used in particular places where the signal strength was strong enough.

At present, receiving signals is not a problem for mobile because of the use of wireless services, satellites.

But no machine is flawless. There are some flaws in mobiles also which can be seen at times.

The problem of not having mobile network happens sometimes with Android mobile phones. Sometimes the mobile shows a message which says “mobile network is currently unavailable “.

The main cause of the problem is weak signal strength. Sometimes the signal goes completely missing.

This problem may also happen if one slights the SIM card in wrong manner, or due to the exhaustion of the mobile SIM card. Switching on the airplane mode can also be the cause of the problem.

5 How to Fix Mobile Network Not Available Error on Smartphone

There are several ways to solve the mobile network not available error. Here are some methods to fix the mobile network not available problem in android mobile phones –

1. Remove SIM Card

A network problem can occur if there’s an issue with the SIM card of the mobile.

Step 1. At first,  switch off the phone and remove the SIM card and insert it into another android mobile phone if the SIM card is working properly.

Step 2.If it works properly in another phone, then there’s maybe some issue with the placement of the SIM card in the previous phone.

Step 3. Finally, this time try to insert the SIM card properly.

2. Few Tweak in Settings

Now try this option if the problem is still there.

Step 1. At first, Go to the settings option of your android device.

Step 2. Then select wireless and network settings.

Step 3. Thereafter select mobile networks from the given options.

Step 4. Then select the option of automLatically from the network operators menu.

This change in settings can solve the network issue in your android.

3. Update Your Smartphone

Smartphone maker companies often give updates to fix the problems of bugs and many other issues in their android device.

The updates generally solve the issues and fix minor bug fixes so that the device can operate without any problem.

But the tendency of most of us to don’t update the system.

They are felt as wastage of data or unnecessary. But updating the system can solve network issues. It also includes some features in the mobile at some times. To update your smartphone,

Step 1. Firstly go to settings.

Step 2. Then select system.

Step 3. Now you need to select system update. Check if there’s any system update pending.

Step 4. Finally, if there is, update the system and your android smartphone will work flawlessly.

4. Factory Reset

If your network issues are still there after trying the above methods, now it’s time for you to try the option of factory reset. It helps to solve software related issues.

Factory reset sends the phone to the original state by deleting all the data. So one should always take the backup of the data of the phone before using factory reset.

Step 1. You need to open settings in your android device and click on the backup and reset option.

Step 2. Now tap on Factory data reset.

Step 3. Therefore you will be asked to give a password and permission to erase everything.

Step 4. After it’s done, restart your smartphone to continue using it.

5. Radio Signal Test

Last but not least, you can do the radio signal test with your android device to solve the network problems.

This test is done to know if there’s an issue with the hardware of the smartphone. To perform the test,

Step 1. At first dial *#*#4636#*#*. Then you will be given a menu with many testing options.

Step 2. Therefore you need to select the phone information option from the given options.

Step 3. Now it’s time to run the ping test.

Step 4. Finally, restart your smartphone after the device. This should solve the error of the not found network.


Mobile phones have taken the level of communication to the next level. We can go wherever we want, whenever we want and our families, friends, colleagues at work will always stay in touch with ourselves through mobile phones.

We can also click pictures, shoot videos with the camera of our mobile phone to capture any special moment forever.

Listening to songs, FM channels is also possible with mobiles. Mobile phones have become a status symbol in our society.

So now if network issues erupt your communication with the rest of the world, just use the above-mentioned methods to fix the error of network in your android device.