Top 15 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives


LetMeWatchThis Streaming movies and television shows via the internet has never been easier thanks to this well-known and widely-used website. It’s free for everyone who wants to see it. It was one of Primewire’s three platforms. PrimeWire and 1Channel are the two other platforms that are available.


This service provides access to both classic and contemporary English-language films, attracting a diverse audience of all ages. Content here is available in a variety of languages, attracting people from all over the world, not just those who are fluent in English. The government has declared it an illegal website, so it belongs to that category.

After a few domain name changes, the site’s owners decided to give up, but they didn’t give up. The content provided on the website is also not safe to use because it was uploaded without the authorization of the respective owners. Advertisements and click-through rates generate revenue for the site’s owners.


The IMDB rating is included in all of the content classifications, making it easy for consumers to find what they’re looking for. It guarantees that the audience is kept up to date on the newest developments. This site has gained a large quantity of traffic in a short period of time because of these two factors.

Because of technological difficulties on both sides, many people choose to watch pirated video from this site despite it being a piracy hotspot. This website’s traffic dropped rapidly as a result of the large number of proxy servers it has. This prompted others to look for other options to LetMeWatchThis on the internet.

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The Top 15 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives


Movies and television shows are the primary sources of information on this website. The fact that this site is fully legal is a big draw for viewers. It means that the public can watch movies that are in the public domain on this site. In addition to films connected to its own content, the search engine offers videos from third-party sites.

You don’t have to pay anything to see what’s within. Viewers in some countries are required to use a virtual private network (VPN) for better quality and service. It provides viewers with regular updates on the most recent movies and television shows. High-definition movies are available on this website.

Solar flicks

LetMeWatchThis is a well-known website that shares several features with LetMeWatchThis. Solar flicks are included in films and television shows. It doesn’t charge anything to the people that want to utilise it. This site features a wide range of genres, including action, drama, comedy, and more.

Users appreciate the high quality of the newly released videos, and this makes it possible for them to obtain the movies for free. Countries like India, Hong Kong, Korea, and France allow it to be seen without a licence fee. As a result of the site’s user-friendly design, there are no annoying adverts or pop-ups.

Streaming content relating to TV shows and movies can be found on this website. An unlawful website that leaks new releases, whether movies, TV shows, or series, causes problems for the studio.

Movies can be downloaded by users. An estimated 24 million people visit the site each year, which generates revenue for the site’s proprietors through click rates and advertising.


It debuted in 2016 at the end of that year. It has been rumoured to be similar to the solar movie streaming website. Similar to YouTube’s dark mode function, this website offers visitors the choice to employ dark mode when viewing video. Neither viewing nor downloading content from the website is free.

Several nations, including India, Sweden, and Australia, have prohibited access to this website. One of the main reasons people don’t like this website is because of the constant advertising and pop-ups.

Time for Popcorn

It is a well-known BitTorrent programme. Alternate servers are available for users to download content from. Users will always favour this site because it does not have any adverts or pop-ups, which is one of the key reasons for this.

Users are able to browse unhindered as a result of this. The content that is being streamed is free to view and download on the website. Several nations, including the UK, Israel, and Denmark, have prohibited access to this website.

Popcorn Flix

Screen Media Ventures, the company that founded it in 2010, currently owns it. In terms of presentation, it’s comparable to “popcorn time,” but with more bells and whistles. There are no restrictions on accessing this website if you live in a country like the United States or Canada. There are a lot of movies and web series available to watch on this site.

It does not charge any cost for viewing the content it provides. The contents are categorized which makes the viewers’ search a lot easier. It ensures to give regular updates of the contents it provides.


It is one of the online platforms that provide content of movies, TV shows, and film reviews to its users. The users have the choice of viewing the contents in HD quality. It does not charge any cost for viewing from its users. The dark mode feature developed in the website is highly liked by the viewers.

It is easy to navigate what the users are looking for. It is said to be similar to the website Primwire. There are advertisements and pop-ups on this site. If the viewers wish to watch without the interruption of the advertisements and pop-ups, then a subscription can be availed for it known as the VIP version.

Snag Films

It was launched in the mid of 2008 by Ted Leonsis. The content which the site provides is movies, TV-series, reality shows, documentaries, etc. It was known to be one of the fastest-growing companies in Washington D.C, The United States. The website can be accessed without any payment of subscription charges.

To view the content without any disturbance of advertisements, a subscription needs to be availed. It was shut down in may 2020 and ended all the tie-ups with the production houses, producers, and other content owners.

OpenLoad Free TV

A simple and easily accessible website containing contents of movies and TV series. Bollywood, Korean, and many other movies are released on this website. It makes sure to give the latest updates.

The categorization of the movies and TV series along with the year of release makes the viewers locate their preferences without any difficulty. Rating of the contents is readily available. The viewers can access the website free of cost. Trailers are also uploaded to this site.


It is one of the file hosting websites that allows the viewers to access free of cost. This website streams the content of movies and TV series. It was originally launched in the year 2011 in the United Kingdom. After a few years, it was blocked in the region. The domain of the website was changed several times to keep the site active.

The website is stable currently. the users find the website to be easily accessible. Users usually do not find any difficulties in the browsing of their choices. There are so many choices of genres and categories of content uploaded that give the users endless choices to watch.


It personally is not an online streaming website that releases any content. It is a web scraper that redirects the users to other online websites that host the content of movies, series, TV shows, music, sports, political news, science fiction, etc. in other words, the site is a third-party platform that suggests other websites that has the content which a viewer is browsing for. It is a torrent website in India that allows viewers to download illegally.

Panda Streaming

It is a website that provides the content of the latest movies and series. It is accessible almost in all the countries except a few. It belongs to a software development company that focuses on online video solutions for its target customers. The users can give their feedback or review the contents they have viewed which help the other users decide to watch the content.

The users can also rate the content they have watched which will reflect the overall rating of the content which again gives other users an indication to watch it or not. Users are satisfied using this website but the only feature they are disappointed with is the disturbance of advertisements and pop-ups.


It is an online streaming website that provides the viewers content of movies like Telugu, Korean, Malayalam, Japanese, animation, and Thai based. The website does not charge any specific subscription amount. It provides the viewers to watch and download movies with HD quality.

As with every other streaming website which is pirated, ganool was also shut down several times. There are so many mirror websites in the name of ganool, due to which the original website cannot be identified. Users need not sign up while using the website. It can be browsed using a mobile or a PC. It releases the latest contents illegally within an hour of the original release of the contents.


It is one of the well-known pirated websites to release the latest movies illegally within an hour or two after its original release. The movie’s genres are action, thriller, horror, crime, romance, mythology, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and animation. In recent times, the traffic has reduced for this website because of consistent changes in domain names and also because of hacking issues.

It is known to be the best online streaming website that allows viewing without any break. The site is blocked in the United Kingdom since 2016 and India. The latest movies and entertainment shows can be downloaded from this website. It is said to have contained viruses in its proxy sites. But the actual website is virus and malware-free.


It is known to have gained lots of traffic due to its popularity for film content. The website is active through its mirror sites as the official website was shut down in the year 2018. GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123MoviesHub are the other names this website is known by.

To date, it is the most popularly searched website as per the records of google trends. The contents released are movies and TV shows. The users are usually disappointed as the advertisements and pop-ups are shown relatively high. Several countries have blocked this website from browsing. Users continue to use this website through antivirus software or VPNs.

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The above are the well-known alternatives to the LetMeWatchThis. All the websites are focused to provide the users with the best services. Users need to ensure that the websites chosen from the above are used with a safe VPN so that their devices are protected from unnecessary viruses and browsing issues. There are many more alternatives of LetMeWatchThis such as Bmovies, Movie House, SeeHD, Viewster, etc.