L. Alvarez Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

L. Alvarez Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

To start off their Olympic campaign in Tokyo, Mexico took home bronze in the mixed team archery competition on Saturday.

With a 6-2 victory over Turkey’s Mete Gazoz and Yasemin Anagoz, Alejandra Valencia and Luis Alvarez earned Mexico’s first team archery podium finish and its first Olympic podium finish since Aida Roman won silver in the women’s solo event at the London Games in 2012.

L. Alvarez Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

L. Alvarez Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After the fourth-seeded Mexicans took an early 2-0 lead with four consecutive nines, Turkey got a scare when Alvarez shot a two with his first arrow of the second set.

Mexico rescued itself with a 39-point third set to take the lead back. Neither team was able to score many points in the fourth, but Mexico was able to hold on for the victory.

“Valencia described the feeling as one of joy and described it as “a reward for all the work we have done, all the effort we put into this, everything we did to be here.”

After cruising over Germany and Great Britain to open the day, Mexico ran against the top-seeded Korean duo of An San and Kim Je Deok in the quarterfinals. An San and Kim Je Deok defeated Valencia and Alvarez, 5-1. However, Mexico recovered in time to win the bronze medal match against Turkey.

“We lost the semifinal, but we did our work, and we still thought we played well,” Valencia said. “Then, in the bronze medal match, we got over the bad shots and focused on the good ones to make this possible.””

Young Turkish duo Gazoz and Anagoz were very disheartened after the game. The pair never had a set total greater than 36 points, and they were seeded seventh after qualifying.

Turkey was able to get back into the game when Mexico scored only 34 points in the fourth, but the young combination was unable to capitlaise. Anagoz, competing in the Olympics for the second time, shot a perfect five with her final arrow.

As a matter of fact, I’m feeling really terrible right now. Anagaoz expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the situation. I’m down to my final bullet, and I’m in the pits of hell. Indeed, I am able to affirm that.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will continue on Sunday with women’s team day.

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