What Is Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)

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Windows Setup Remediations are used to keep the Windows operating system up to date. In the settings, you can see it in the list of installed apps, and you can also download it from Windows. Taking a look at the install date suggests that the date of installation is relatively recent.

You may have misunderstood it as a virus or Trojan horse based on the fact that it is not mentioned in the Windows update catalogue. The vendor also refers to it as “Unavailable,” making it a highly questionable update. In addition to managing Windows update functions such as freeing up disc space, ensuring your machine is awake for updates, and correcting faulty Windows updates, it also has a disc cleanup feature.

How To

It’s always a bad sign if an unknown app shows up in your installed apps list. An update to Windows has resulted in the appearance of an application called Windows Setup Remediations (KB4023057) on the list of available programmes for users. Do you think it’s dangerous? Is it safe to get rid of this? To begin with, let’s get going.

Remediation of Windows Setup (KB4023057) What Is It

If you’re afraid about Windows Setup Remediation getting an update, you may relax (KB4023057). There is no doubt that this is a fresh update, and although you would not find it if you searched expressly for it, it is a genuine Windows Update.

Improves Windows stability with KB4023057 Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057) update. Resources and files have been updated to fix problems that have been plaguing Windows 10 updates. Improve the quality and ease of Windows Update installation with the help of these files..

Among other things, it will fix broken Windows files, request that your device stay awake longer so that updates may be installed, and change network settings to address any problems with Windows Update itself.

Apps and updates for this software are often updated using Windows Update components or the Windows Store prior to or during the Windows Update process.

C:/Program Files/rempl can also contain Windows Setup Remediation as part of the sedsvc.exe process.

Is KB4023057 (Windows Setup Remediation) worth keeping

It can be deleted without creating any big issues because it is only required for specific Windows builds. Our advise is not to utilise it because it is used to assure the reliability of Windows updates. Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that even after uninstalling an update, they are still presented with it during the next round of updates. You can’t stop it from happening because it won’t be provided again and will eventually be reinstalled.


Windows Setup Remediations can be removed or uninstalled. However, even though it can be removed, it is not suggested because it performs critical duties and removing it may cause problems with future Windows upgrades. You’ll have to do this every time you make an update if you want to get rid of it, so keep that in mind.