Gabby Thomas Says Getting Accepted into Harvard Was Easier …

Gabby Thomas Says Getting Accepted into Harvard Was Easier ...

Gabby Thomas claimed that admission to Harvard was less of a challenge than qualifying for the Olympics.

The 24-year-old attended the illustrious institution to earn a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology. Comparatively speaking, the admissions process for this premium school was much less rigorous than the Olympic trials. For her, just making the cut to compete in the Olympics is a huge accomplishment.

Gabby Thomas Says Getting Accepted into Harvard Was Easier ...

Gabby Thomas Says Getting Accepted into Harvard Was EasierĀ 

Many of those competitions are more challenging than Olympic events. She also noted that “several of these races are the fastest ever.” My two weeks there were the most intellectually taxing of my life up to that point.

There was no rest or nourishment for her throughout that time. She said that she was “constantly on this adrenaline rush” and that it was “difficult.”

Thomas has never participated in the Olympics before. She qualified for the Olympics by posting the second-fastest 200-meter time in history at 21.61 seconds, set at the trials. She finished the 200-meter race on Monday in 22 minutes and twenty seconds.

It’s the Gabby Thomas Olympic Rally!

Surprisingly, college scouts passed over Gabby Thomas. Unfortunately, her talent went unnoticed because she had never competed in any national events. The coach at Harvard University granted her a slot after she highlighted her interest in running on her application.

The last Harvard alum to compete in the Olympics was a dropout in 1896, so the school doesn’t exactly have a reputation for producing Olympic champions.

She developed an interest in the racial health gap while a student at Harvard. In 2019, after completing her undergraduate degree in neuroscience, Thomas decided to go on to graduate school for business administration.

She attended The University of Texas to major in epidemiology. There, she could run with the Buford-Bailey Track Club, another reason for her move. Tonja Buford-Bailey, medalist for bronze in 1996, started the group.

In the Long Run, Thomas would Like to Found a Charity and Run a Medical Facility of her Own.

Thomas has had an eventful year. Before the trials, she enjoyed rescuing pugs, volunteering, going on hikes, and mastering the air fryer. She had a fright in June after a growth was found on her hamstring. The fact that it wasn’t malignant was news to her just recently.

She was able to celebrate with her best friend, Ngozi Musa, after her historic qualifying performance. She has a strong network of loved ones behind her, with Musa being a major inspiration.

When they returned to their hotel room in the United States, they found that Ashton Kutcher had sent her a direct message.

The actress Gabrielle Union, who she idolises, texted her. The group of friends also hoped to make contact with her favourite group, the Jonas Brothers. Thanks for reading our article Gabby Thomas Says Getting Accepted into Harvard Was Easier …