Fallout 4 Best Armor Perk Chart And S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points


Developed and released by Bethesda Game Studios and softwares in 2015, Fallout 4 is an action-adventure game. It’s all about slaying monsters and fulfilling tasks in this action RPG. I think it’s a great game that should be played on any computer or Xbox.

If you pay attention to the rules, you’ll have no problem playing this game. By accomplishing missions, adding fractions, and collecting points as the game progresses, the player learns about the game’s degraded world while simultaneously improving their character’s abilities and fours through the use of new weapons.


You can find discarded clothing and other debris everywhere, including in the decrepit office of the store manager. To learn something new, it’s necessary to thoroughly search through and open every cabinet and refrigerator in the house.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Perk Chart

This attribute measures a character’s physical and mental stamina, perception, endurance, appeal, wits, agility, and good fortune. ability to perceive, tenacity of character, charm, wit, quickness of reaction and good fortune.

Perks in Fallout 4 are tied to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat, which means that if a perk’s value is low, more points will be required. Each perk has a corresponding rank that increases the perk’s abilities. Perks in Fallout 4 are lacking

Access to them will be made possible through the use of a Pig-Boy. Using the button on this page, you’ll be directed to a fallout 4 perk chart that explains how each perk ranks. The more bonuses you accrue, the better your level. There are a total of seven extras in Fallout 4.

1. Perk of Strength

Carrying weight and melee damage are both increased in this scenario. twelve levels and a variety of strength bonuses are included.

Level 1: “Iron fist”

Level2: The major leagues

Level 3: Armorer

Level 4: It’s time to become a blacksmith.

Level 5: Heavy Gunner

Level 6: Back strength is a prerequisite

Level 7: Stable Aim

Level 8: Basher

Level 9: Firmly Grounded

Level 10: ‘Pain Train’

2. Perks of Perceived Value

V.A.T.S enhances the pickpocket’s abilities, such as lock-picking, weapon accuracy, and success chance.

As you go through the ten levels, you’ll get various advantages in your perception.

Level 1: Robbery

Level 2: At this level, you are a Rifleman.

Level 3: Comprehension

Level 4: Locksmith

Level 5: Master Demolitionist

Level 6: The Refractor.

a person who thrives in the darkness of the night

Level 7: It’s time for Sniper!

Level 8: It’s time to get penetrating!

Level 9: “Concentrated Fire” is the final level.

3. Endurance Perks

Characters are given a lift. There are ten levels in total, and each one comes with its own set of endurance bonuses.

Level 1: “Toughness” is the first level.

Level 2: This is the second level.

Level 3: Provider of Reassurance and Hope.

Level 4: Resistance to Chemicals

Level 5: Aquaboy

Level 6: Resistant to Radiation

Level 7: Adamantium Skeleton

Level 8: Cannibal

Level 9: Ghoulishness is the theme for this level.

Level 10: “Solar Powered”

4. Affluence Perks

The cost of goods is lowered and the success rate of debate is increased. This contains ten tiers, each with a different type of charisma bonus.

Level 1: Cap Collector

Level 2: Lone Wanderer

Level 3: The Black Widow / Lady Killer, third degree

Level 4: Attack Dog is the fourth and final challenge.

Level 5: Friend to the Animals

Level 6: As a local leader, you are now at the highest level. The Party Girl

Level 7: It’s time to get pumped up!

Level 8: You’ll find yourself in the middle of the desolate

Level 9: “Intimidation”

5. Benefits of Intelligence

The rate at which one gains experience is increased.

Each of the ten levels has a different intelligence bonus.

Level 1: “A.N.S.

Level 2: The Medic

Level 3: Gun Obsessed!

Level 4: The hacker is at the fourth level.

Level 5: Recycler

Level 6: science

Level 7: Chemist

Level8: Robotics Mastery

Level 9: Nuclear Physicist

Level 10: Nerd Rage is the final stage.

6. Advantages of Quickness and Flexibility

So you can do more with less risk of being discovered. There are ten levels in total, and each one offers a unique set of agility bonuses.

Level 1: “Gunslinger” is the first level.

Level 2: Commando level of play.

Level 3: Sneak.

Level 4: Mr. Sandman

Level 5: Action Boy/Girl

Level 6: Adaptive Target

Level 7: Ninjas

Level 8: Dexterity

Level 9:  Blitzing

Level 10: “Gun Fu”

7. Perks of Fate

Caps and ammo have been found to replenish the critical hit metre recharge rate. Each of the ten levels comes with a unique set of luck bonuses.

Level 1: “The Fortune Finder”

Level 2: Scrounger, second-level

Level 3: This is a bloodbath.

Level 4: Musician with a Mysterious Voice

Level 5: As an Idiot Savant

Level 6: Improved Criticals

Level 7: The Critical Banker

Level 8: Scramble of the Grim Reaper

Level 9: A four-leaf clover

Level 10: “Ricochet” is the 10th level.

How Is It Put to Use?

The reward chart has been divided into ten horizontal tiers according to its design. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats can be seen on each perk. If a level is greyed out because it is not yet unlocked, the player must first unlock it before going on to the next perk in the game.

Stars are placed on the ranks or levels that have been successfully completed. You must reach a certain level in each of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. base skills in order to unlock a perk. Getting to the fourth degree of importance is essential. You can spend a skill point to get the first level of a perk after achieving the conditions.

Each of the four tiers of the commando perk provides a different bonus trait while increasing weapon damage by 20%.

After completing the main story, you’ll have the option of moving on to vault tec workshop, then automatron, far harbour and finally nuka planet.

When it comes to the workshop task, pick one and stick with it because everything needs to be moved from one location to another very quickly. Before you begin cooking, make sure you have all of the necessary mods available for when you want to eat.

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The importance of destroying the weapons, clothing, and other items cannot be overstated. You’ll need garments to hide your weapons and protect your body in this game. Also, keep in mind that if your primary strategy fails, you’ll need a fallback, so be sure to back up whatever you can.

It’s a great game, no doubt, but you should set aside a specific amount of time each day to play it because it can get addicting. The game gets more tedious and difficult as each level progresses, but it’s still enjoyable.