B. Fratus Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

B. Fratus Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

B. Fratus, a Brazilian swimmer, has established himself as one of the best 50-meter freestylers of the recent decade. He was genuine, made brash claims, and was tough.

B. Fratus Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

His emotional reaction to winning his first Olympic medal, a bronze in his third Olympic final at age 32 in Tokyo 2020, caught many people off guard.

B. Fratus Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Caeleb Dressel, the race’s victor, expressed his appreciation for B. Fratus’ reply on the Today Show.

B. Fratus was haunted in Tokyo by the memory of London 2012, where he came within 0.02 seconds of the podium, and Rio 2016, where his home fans was expecting a medal and he came in 6th.

Some of that sense of “now or never” hit me while I was in Tokyo. Had things not gone so well, I might no longer be a swimmer.

“That’s the value of a competitive race.”

In the Words of B. Fratus, “We can be on Top.”

After Tokyo, B. Fratus indulged in some well-deserved rejoicing, but soon afterward, he put on his game face and began planning for a return to the Olympics in Paris in 2024.

I ate what I wanted and drank what I wanted. “Then it was time to start dressing like an athlete again,” he remarked.

The Tokyo competition served as inspiration for the marathon’s continuation. While B. Fratus acknowledges that his time of 21.57 seconds earned him bronze, he feels he was capable of considerably greater speed.

It was the sort of swim I could complete on any given day of training. And it’s a shorter cycle, three years, which makes a hell of a difference, so that told me I still have more to exhibit.

In light of his overtraining disaster during Rio 2016, B. Fratus is determined to do better this time around.

“At the time, it almost cost me my shoulder and my sanity.

“I’m 32 now. Like a youngster, I can’t seem to get enough practise in. So, we’re currently making an effort to improve our strategy in order to perform at our best when it counts most.

To win, all we need is a perfect race at the right time. As a group, we have the potential to set a new benchmark…. So I kept going because of that.

B. Fratus and his coach and wife Michelle Lenhardt experienced the excitement of Tokyo 2020 together.

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