11 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives in 2022


Anime has a large fan base all around the world these days. There were no legal dubs of these anime at the time; only fan dubs existed. The ease with which anime may be accessed is one of the reasons for its huge surge in popularity.

People are also drawn to practically every aspect of hand-drawn computer animation, such as the graphics, characters, motion, cinematography, and so on. To watch your favourite anime, you won’t have to wait long. You have the option of watching it online or downloading it.


All anime fans will find AnimeTosho to be a one-stop shop. It boasts a straightforward and user-friendly layout, as well as a large animation library.

Furthermore, the website is updated with the most recent releases on a regular basis. With its content, features, and services, AnimeTosho is without a doubt one of the best sites for downloading your favourite anime or cartoon series.

 11 Best AnimeTosho Alternatives

Have you tried AnimeTosho and are seeking for a replacement? You’ve arrived to the right location.

We’ll review the greatest alternatives to AnimeTosho, despite the fact that there are other anime torrent websites on the internet. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the ideal anime torrent website.

1. Nyaa

Nyaa is a new anime torrent service that has made a name for itself in the industry. The content is well-organized. They are divided into several categories.

You can use the search dialogue to find your favourite anime, or you can use the nation, year of release, TV series, movies, and other options to narrow down your search.

The website also provides a summary of each piece of content. The anime on this site is at a good 720p/1080p HD resolution. Nyaa is a must-visit website for any anime fan, as its features will delight you.

2. HorribleSubs

Another popular anime torrent website where you can watch your favourite cartoons for free online is HorribleSubs. Additionally, HorribleSubs offers the option of downloading your favourite anime at no additional charge.

It is the owner of a massive torrent library. HorribleSubs allows you to express your thoughts on the content in the comment box, which is also open to all visitors and allows them to engage with one another.

Here, the video and audio quality is really stunning. You can search for anime in a variety of categories, including Action, Adventure, Magic, Cars, and many others.

A synopsis is provided beside each piece of content, as well as a score out of ten. The majority of the website’s features are identical to those of AnimeTosho, making it a viable option.

3. Anime-Ultime 

Anime-Ultime is another another torrent site for anime fans all around the world. All anime, manga TV series, and movies will be available.

According to the website, new content is added to the site on a daily basis. It also includes the most recent news from the anime world. Anyone can use the website without having to register or pay a fee.

Anime-Ultime, on the other hand, is a France-based torrent website that is in French and caters primarily to a French audience. Are you looking for fantastic free anime content that doesn’t have any pop-up ads? Anime-Ultime is the answer to your prayers.

4. The AniDex

Another popular torrent tracker is AniDex. The website has a conventional look and feel to it, with a smooth and user-friendly user interface.

It offers a large database of anime, cartoon series, television shows, and movies, among other things. The content is described briefly on the webpage. AnimeDex offers anime torrents dubbed in more than 20 languages.

When you first go on the website, you’ll notice a dropdown menu with a variety of options, including cars, countries, languages, and more.

Anidex has an SSL Certificate, which ensures that browsing is secure. You may watch and download your favourite anime without having to register or pay anything.

Unlike many other websites, it does not rely on popup adverts for revenue; instead, it features a give page where users can make monetary contributions to keep the website running.

5. BakaBT

It’s a BitTorrent-based private anime network. According to the website, it has a large collection. With ArtBooks, Music Videos, OST and Anime Movies, and TV Shows, the content is fairly diversified.

The latest news and information can be found in a dedicated section on BakaBT’s homepage. BakaBT generates cash without the use of pop-up adverts, which is a positive for the website.

The service is noted for maintaining an excellent seed-to-leech ratio, allowing you to download content at breakneck speed. BakaBT is without a doubt the most exclusive free torrent tracker.

However, due to its exclusive invitation policy, you will not be allowed to join the community. Furthermore, you can only join the community if you know someone who can help you get past the access restrictions.

6. Shana Project

Shana Project is another anime torrent directory that will give you with custom-tailored content.

Unlike many other torrent websites, there is no restriction to the amount of content that can be downloaded. Anime can be downloaded for free and with no strings attached.

What makes Shana Project unique is that you don’t have to manually search for and download the series you’re watching. Instead, when you follow an anime, you’ll get notified when a new episode is ready for download.

7. AniRena

AniRena has been around since 2003 and has created a name for itself. The website, however, was shut down owing to internal concerns.

The website was relaunched in 2012 and is now in the development stage. It has a large anime library that is organised by name, size, genre, nation, and other factors. The website includes an easy-to-use interface.

AniRena provides users with concise yet important information about each piece of content. AniRena makes it simple to download the torrent because there is no need to register or pay for a premium account.

The website does include a comment section, but it is now disabled. It is expected to reappear soon. AniRena is a great place to go if you’re looking for high-quality old anime.

8. Anime Layer 

On the list, Anime Layer is a solid contender. Because it is a Russian website, you may need to use a translation to navigate it, although this is not a major issue.

To use the services offered by Anime Layer, visitors must first register an account. It features a large library of high-quality anime films and TV series that is updated on a regular basis.

The website offers a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it simple to locate your favourite anime. Anime, Manga, Music, and Drama are the four major categories in which the content is divided.

The website offers a well-developed forum where anime fans may communicate with one another.

9. LimeTorrents

It’s one of the industry’s oldest anime torrent indexers. Despite the fact that numerous new torrent indexers are joining the market, LimeTorrent continues to maintain a large following. The website ensures that its visitors have a fantastic viewing experience.

LimeTorrents provides a large number of torrents and a simple user interface that makes it easier to move between different pages. All anime movies and TV shows are available here, from the classics to the most recent releases.

Aside from anime, there are games, software, and music to be found. All of stuff is completely free. LimeTorrents is without a doubt one of the top torrent indexers available right now.

10. 1337x

1377x is undoubtedly one of the top websites that aims to provide its customers with the best possible viewing experience. You can download movies, TV shows, software, games, digital books, and much more from the website.

In addition, with the growth of the anime community, 1337x has expanded its anime library. There is an entire area dedicated to anime, with Dual Audio, dubber, subtitled, and raw anime available.

The quality is also incredible. You’ll appreciate the site’s distinct features. The website features a sleeker, easier-to-navigate design that makes it easier to explore diverse information.

The only issue with 1337x is that it has been prohibited in certain locations owing to internal concerns; however, you may still use various mirror/proxy websites. You should give 1337x a shot.

11. TorrentDownloads

It’s a different take on AnimeTosho. It offers a sensitive and user-friendly user interface with well-organized content under many headings. The website has a dedicated and extensive anime area with around 70000 anime torrents.

With a few clicks, users can filter all of the content on the page. If you’re an anime enthusiast, you’ll love the variety of options available on the website.


We hope you’ve looked over the AnimeTosho options listed above. We made every effort to present you with as much information as possible about each website. Though finding the greatest website can be tough at times, you can locate the website that best suits you here.

All of the following options share many of the same characteristics. Apart from these websites, if you know of any others, please share them with us.