11 Best AnimeKaizoku Alternatives to Watch Anime Series


Because Anime is the type of category that satisfies viewers’ all mental aspirations to watch action, sorrow, and romance all at once, it has recently become one of the most popular interests among young, maybe even more so than movies and TV series.

As a result, the Anime community is rapidly developing, with high output in a variety of nations. To increase usage, production firms and studios are forming partnerships with various Anime streaming services, which allow for both online streaming and download of specific Anime series.


AnimeKaizoku is one of those various platforms that offers its users free downloading access to all sorts of new and old Anime series; unfortunately, this website has been shut down due to copyright issues.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the website to reopen and also don’t want to miss your series, there are some excellent alternatives.

11 Best AnimeKaizoku Alternatives

Take a look.

1. KissAnime

KissAnime was an Anime-centric record streaming site that enabled connections and provided free online Anime streaming service, as well as the ability for clients to illegally stream and download any Anime series and TV shows.

It was a sibling site of Kiss Manga, a related manga viewing website. As a result of all of these exceptional features, KissAnime has been dubbed “one of the world’s top streaming Anime websites” and is thus the most competent option.

Torrent Freak claimed that the sites attracted millions of visitors and that KissAnime was “the most frequented privateer homepage on the earth” for a time.

2. 9Anime

9Anime features a large and diverse selection of Anime content, making it a viable alternative to Animekaizoku. Anime is available for streaming or download and is either titled or subbed in English.

9Anime is one of the best Anime streaming sites to watch named Anime on the web, with an extremely appealing design based on the use of lively tones (green in particular).

Furthermore, the most advantageous aspect of using this platform is that it includes a wide search bar on its home page that allows you to search for Anime by genre, kind, quality, language, and airing year, among other criteria. You may also use the continuingAnime option to look for new Anime series.

3. Animefreak 

Animefreak is unique in its genre and has a lot of potential as a replacement for Animekaizoku.

Animefreak offers a sleek yet appealing user interface, and on top of that, this site boasts a big and diverse library of the most recent Anime series, as well as a wonderful user experience through top-notch service and up-to-date content availability.

Furthermore, a few more features that distinguish it from other Anime streaming platforms are its content availability in both subbed and dubbed versions, as well as its automatic watchlist creation feature, which allows you to continue watching without having to go through the entire search process again.

4. AnimeGoGo

GoGoAnime, an Anime streaming service with a large database and the potential to attract viewers, is a great option for AnimeKaizoku because of its classified and extensive database where one may find Anime dubbed in English.

This has been identified as the source of high traffic in American and other English-centric communities. As a result, it’s one of the most popular anime streaming services.

Individual specification is a feature of GoGoAnime, which means it provides a deep analysis of a selected Anime by specifying genre, quality, duration, and other factors. Users may also rate the Anime series.

5. AnimeDoor

AnimeDoor is a prominent Anime streaming website that can serve as a good substitute for AnimeKaizoku.

AnimeDoor provides a number of classified features, the most important of which is the ability to search directly through specific categories, such as popular or highly rated shows, new Anime, classic Anime, and so on. This feature truly embodies the meaning of AnimeDoor’s ‘Door.’

Because of its appealing and dynamic user interface, it is also one of the greatest alternatives to AnimeKaizoku. Instead of restricting user involvement, AnimeDoor allows viewers to browse between their many portions.

6. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is also very popular among users, and it has a huge and diverse collection of Anime series and shows in a variety of genres such as action, tragedy, comedy, and many others, making it an exceptional online streaming site.

We can say that AnimeLab is in a league of its own in terms of content availability. Its search processing is also highly efficient because to its extensive filters, as well as its surfing and streaming capabilities.

Furthermore, AnimeLab is available on a variety of platforms, including Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation, Samsung TV, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and others.

7. Season 7 of Anime

AnimeSeason is one of those Anime streaming platforms that puts the needs of its viewers first, as evidenced by their highly interactive user interface.

Aside from that, AnimeSeason has a massive content library that includes every category and genre of Anime series. The main feature of this website is that it has all of the Anime seasons that have ever broadcast.

Because consumers occasionally have troubles and uncertainty regarding existing portions and seasons of respective Anime, AnimeSeason is mostly renowned for its organised and complete information, which makes them stand out in our list.

8. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList not only has the most recent Anime series and movies, but it also has articles, blog entries, and other Anime-related material. Some of these unique features make MyAnimeList a perfect alternative to AnimeKaizoku.

The user interface of this site is quite straight and easy to work with, as MyAnimeList also deals with social community-related items like as postings and articles; it has one different choice for community, implying that database administration is very capable.

MyAnimeList also has a manga option, which allows users to not only watch Anime series but also read the manga that goes along with them.

9. ChiaAnime

ChiaAnime is a fantastic AnimeKaizoku alternative primarily because it offers wonderful content in high quality for free, as well as because its utility component works in such a way that clients can stream across numerous servers available on the site, giving them access to that particular programme at any time.

ChiaAnime provides the most recent content while also maintaining a series registry organised by category and genre.

10. Crunchyroll

What makes Crunchyroll an excellent choice for AnimeKaizoku and a part of this list? The explanation is easy because of its usage of providing free streaming content, but more importantly because it provides users with an incredible streaming experience and because its data and content are constantly renewed and sorted by its producers.

So pretty much every new Anime episode and film is available for free here, despite the fact that Crunchyroll also offers premium service, which will cost you a certain amount of money despite the fact that the service is undeniably valuable.

11. Masterrani

Masterrani is an excellent online Anime streaming service that can be utilised as a substitute for AnimeKaizoku. Masterrani’s systematic data management is one of the reasons it continues to be the independent streaming site and is often favoured by clients.

Its filters are also quite advanced, which adds to the overall user experience. Furthermore, its user interface is highly outstanding and appealing, with ease of use, providing users with an exceptional experience.

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This entire process of online streaming has had a tremendous impact, since Anime production facilities are rapidly expanding, resulting in increased client load, and the breadth of online Anime streaming stages is also extending globally.

However, because many of these sites do not have the copyrights to the Anime they provide, and clients are given free access to watch shows and Anime series here, it’s possible that they, like AnimeKaizoku, could close at any time.

Aside from that, it’s rumoured that Anime shows have a huge market and money; in some cases, even more than Hollywood and other types of movie studios. Japan is the leading country in terms of Anime production and broadcasting, followed by China, Korea, the United States, and other countries.