Windows Network Error 0x800704cf


It sounds very cool to work in a firm where we share files and work in an open network. Whose work is completely dependent on the technology and system? The idea is awe-inspiring, but the working methodology behind this concept is quite difficult to manage.

Sharing of files and transferring of data seems very easy when you are a user. Still, when it comes to operating all the systems, it isn’t easy to make everyone easy and maintain transferring the files. We usually share a lot of files through the computer. But the operations behind that managing system is complicated.

As sometimes, we need to face a system error that interrupts or data transmission. This is the most common issue with windows. We all have to face this error while working on windows. This windows network error comes and interrupts to access your device. To get rid of this error, we mention the three most efficient and working methods. All these methods are straightforward to implement on your devices. It will take a few minutes to get rid of this windows network error.

How to Fix Windows Network error 0x800704cf?

There are three methods to resolve this error. All of them are described in detail below. You need to follow all the steps carefully and do not skip any step. It is essential to be attentive while performing them. Please do not turn your device off while performing them. If you do so will produce an error.

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Method 1: Change adapter settings

You can resolve this windows network error by just changing the adaptor settings. Yes, this is one of the easiest ways to resolve your problem quickly. In this method, you need to change the adaptor settings of your device to resolve this problem. To complete this procedure, you need to follow some basic steps.

Step 1 – open your device and hold your fingers on windows key + 1 and press them together.

Step 2 – you will reach to system settings of your device.

Step 3 – after opening system settings, you can see the option of “network and internet” select that option and open it.

Step 4 – now, all the networks available near you can be displayed on your screen.

Step 5 – now a list appears on your screen, you can scroll down and search the change adaptor option.

Step 6 – after changing adaptor settings network connection starts displaying on your screen.

Step 7 – now, by clicking right on the recent Wi-Fi connectivity network available on your screen.

Step 8 – click on that network and select properties.

Step 9 – Now uncheck the option “client form Microsoft network,” showing on your screen.

Step 10 – save the changes which you had made and reboot your device.

After completing this procedure step by step, you can see your problem will resolve. This is one of the easiest ways to resolve your windows network error.

Method 2: Reset TCP/IP

If the 1st method is not working for you, then here is another good solution for you. This error code usually occurs because of the problem in the TCP/IP. If TCP/IP starts creating a problem, then it will show Windows Network error 0x800704cf. In this process, we need to reset the TCP IP of our device. For implementing this complete procedure, you need to follow some simple steps.

Step 1 – you can see the windows start icon on your screen click right on that icon.

Step 2 – after opening that icon, you can see a list appears on your screen. Choose the command prompt option from that list.

Step 3 – by clicking right on it, open the command prompt.

Step 4 – after opening it type the “ipconfig/flushdns” command in the command prompt to clear the DNS cache from your device. Make sure you will not make any changes to the command.

Step 5 – new lines appear on your command prompt after entering the command.

Then you have to write the “nbtstat – RR” command on the command prompt again. This will help you to refresh NetBIOS data.

Step 6 – After doing all this, reset the IP settings by typing this command. “netsh int IP reset.”

Step 7 – after typing this command, press enter, and execute the command. Finally, type the “netsh Winsock reset” command in the command prompt and press the enter key to execute this command.

Step 8 – when did process complete, close the command prompt window.

Step 9 – Now reboot your device and started again.

When you completed all these steps carefully, you can see your problem is resolved. It will not show any error again.

Method 3: Reinstall Network Adapters

If you are still facing this Windows network error 0x800704cf, there is an easy way to resolve this problem. You can uninstall the network adapters from your device settings. This will help you to change your hardware settings. After that, you can reinstall the network adaptor. For completing this procedure, you need to follow few simple steps. Which is mention below:

Step 1 – When we open a device, we can see our start button on the windows where a small search icon is available. This icon is very similar to Windows Cortana.

Step 2 – You can type device manager in the search box and press the enter key to get the result. The list of items the device manager contains now you can see on your screen.

Step 3 – You can see on the opposite side of the screen a view option is available to choose that view option by clicking left on it and select the “show hidden device” folder.

Step 4 – After completing this tab, you need to check the network adaptor list to look at the adaptors available on your device.

Step 5 -By clicking right on every adaptor and choose to uninstall. Repeat this step until all of the adaptors get uninstalled.

Step 6 -If you find any problem while installing any of the adaptors, keep that and come to the next adaptor and uninstall it.

Step 7 -When this uninstalling process is done, choose the action option and click on it after choosing to scan for hardware changes and click on it.

Step 8 – At the end, save all the changes you had made. After saving the changes, reboot your device.

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There are many ways to resolve this problem, but we clearly mentioned three processes step by step. So it will be easier to implement these methods on your device. All are easy to understand to work properly even if you are not from a technical background.

The main motive is to make it user-friendly so that people from non-technical backgrounds can also resolve their problems as they are very effective and easy to choose according to your problem.