How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070003


As we all are using the laptop and computer in our daily life. Because we cannot manage our work without them, these devices are an essential part of our life. So, we all should know about their maintenance, how to maintain these devices, and those procedures through which we can maintain their output and efficiency.

Many people buy laptops and computers but don’t know their basic procedures that we need every few months. They have to spend a lot of money in shops to do simple procedures so hair we are to help those people who don’t know any basic steps and procedures to maintain their devices.

The widespread and basic problem in everyone’s laptops or computers is the windows update error. And most of them even don’t know that updating the window is an important procedure to maintain your laptop or computer’s efficiency. Whenever a windows update notification comes in, their device is usually ignored. When the problem increase, they went shop and spent money on just updating windows. Here we will tell you some basic methods to fix windows update errors commonly found in everybody’s laptop.

If we do not update our windows, then the device will not work well and start hanging. To avoid these issues and maintain your device’s efficiency, you just follow the simple procedure, which is the fundamental step. Whenever you see any update notification on your laptop, do not avoid go on a window updating option and update it by connecting with a good network. Suppose your window showing any update error.

Methods to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070003

You must then check the windows settings and choose the options windows update error and fix it. But when we start this process, we commonly found an error. Our windows updating process is stopped in between after completing a 50% update because of that error. The reason behind this incomplete update process is the windows update error 0x80070003. To find out how to resolve this error, you need to follow the complete procedure, which is mention below step by step. Do not skip any step for a complete solution.

Method 1: Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

The first and fundamental method to resolve this error is the windows update troubleshooter. This is one of the most important software which we all must install in our systems. This troubleshooter helps you to remove this windows update error. You can download this troubleshooter from Google directly. After downloading this software, you need to follow this procedure, which is mention below.

Step 1 – “download the windows update troubleshooter and save its file in your system.”

Step 2 – after completing the download process, open this software, and click right.

Step 3 – after completing the step to a file is open on your desktop. A click left and chose the option “Run as administrator.”

Step 4 – after opening it as an administrator, give it access and click on the YES option.

Step 5 – After doing this, you can see a complete instruction set on your desktop to complete the windows update troubleshooter installation process.

Step 6 – After installing the software successfully, e refresh your desktop.

Step 7 – Now, you need to reboot your complete operating system.

Now you can update your windows 8 systems from windows 10 easily without getting any update error. Problem solved.

If you do not want to install a troubleshooter software, you can use an inbuilt windows update troubleshooter. This inbuilt troubleshooter is available on every laptop. So you can go to your desktop settings and click on the update and security option. After clicking on update and security, you can see the troubleshoot option. Now run the troubleshooter and solve your updating windows problem.

Method 2: Restart or stop the Windows Update Service

Another simpler method is to restart your windows update service. This procedure completes with fundamental steps. The motive of this method is to resolve your problem easily in a limited time. To complete this procedure, you can follow the steps shown below.

Step 1 – hold your mouse and move the cursor in the upper direction of your desktop screen.

Step 2 – click left on the search feature option presented there.

Step 3 – on the search bar, type “control panel.”

Step 4 – after completing step 3, you can clearly see a control panel icon on your screen. Click the control panel icon and open it.

Step 5 – now you can see a search box is available on the control panel window click left on the search bar.

Step 6 – type “administrative tool” on the control panel search bar and open it.

Step 7 – by clicking the left open administrative tool feature.

Step 8 – after completing step 7, you can see some features choose service features, and double click on them.

Step 9 – in some cases, after completing step 8 in the windows. It asks for the password and account, so you need to mention it.

Step 10 – after opening the service feature, you can choose the Windows Update service option.

Step 11 – by clicking on the windows update service option, it starts updating the windows.

Step 12 – When you move the cursor on updating windows, you can see a list of available options.

Step 13 – select the stop option. After stopping the old process, you can click on the restart option.

Step 14 – Now, you can reboot your Windows operating system.

Step 15 – come back to windows update service, and by clicking left, choose the start option.

Now you can see your problem will resolve. Easily update your window and convert it from windows 8 to 10.

Method 3: Delete the DataStore folder

This is quite a lengthy method as compare to others but easy and effective. The number of steps is more in this method. It is quite lengthy, so don’t panic and follow the procedure step by step. This method’s basic purpose is to delete the “data Store folder” so that the windows update error can remove. To perform this method, you need to follow some steps.

Step 1 – open your system and find file explorer.

Step 2 – now click on the file explorer icon and open it.

Step 3 – now, you can see some drive options on your screen.

Step 4 – choose C drive as we mainly install or windows system in C drives. But if you installed your windows in some other drive done open that drive. (open the drive where you installed your windows system.)

Step 5 – after opening your windows system, choose the windows folder, click on it, and open it.

Step 6 – in the windows folder, search the “software distribution” folder.

Step 7 – to open the software distribution folder, double click on it.

Step 8 – when you open the “distribution folder,” you can see a DATASTORE FOLDER. Open the Data Store folder by clicking on it.

Step 9 – select all the files in the “Datastore folder” and delete them.

Step 10 – Get back to the software distribution folder and find the download folder inside it.

Step 11 – double click on the download folder and open it.

Step 12 – select all the files from the download folder and delete all of them.

Step 13 – Reboot your Windows system and start it again.

Step 14 – Start your windows updating process.

Step 15 – Now, take your cursor towards the upper side of the screen.

Now you can see a search option.

Step 16 – click left on that search feature option.

Step 17 – type the Control Panel in the search box, and you can see a control panel icon on your screen.

Step 18 – by clicking left open control panel and search for “administrative tools” in its search box.

Step 19 – open administrative tools and double click on the service feature available there.

Step 20 – after opening the Service Feature search windows “update service” among all the options presented there.

Step 21 – right-clicking on windows update service.

Step 22 – now select the start button option from the list.

Now the process is complete, and you can check your windows updating normally.

Method 4: Restart Windows Update in Command Prompt

The command prompt is one of the software in our systems where most of our windows problems resolved easily. This method is also based on the command prompt. In this method, we restart a windows update process in the command prompt. To perform this process, follow these steps very clearly.

Step 1 – Open your command prompt by clicking left on its icon as it is available in every system.

Step 2 – if your command prompt gets opened with the help of any password, please type your password and open it.

Step 3 – now, write the “net stop wuauserv” command in the command prompt.

Step 4 – after writing the command, press the enter key.

Step 5 – after pressing the enter key, you can see another command line on your command prompt window.

Step 6 – type the “net stop bits” command in the command prompt.

Step 7 – Now enter the command by pressing the enter key.

Step 8 – now, reboot your Windows operating system.

Step 9 – when your system starts again, then open the command prompt again.

Step 10 – after opening the command prompt one more time, type “net start wuauserv” the command in the command prompt and press enter.

Step 11 – after pressing the enter key, you can clearly see another statement on the command prompt. Now type the “net bits” command in the command prompt and press the enter key.

Step 12 – after completing this process, now come back ok to the windows.

Step 13 – go on the settings option.

Step 14 – Check your windows update features. Now it will start working normally. And your problem is resolved.

Method 5: Run DISM

Run DISM method is a highly trustable and effective method to remove this windows error. Anyone can easily complete this procedure within 10 minutes. this is one of the fastest methods to remove this error. In this method, we run DISM in the command prompt and remove this update error. For completing this procedure, you have to follow some steps.

Step 1 – hold your fingers on the “X button” and Windows button and press them together.

Step 2 – After doing this, you can see a command prompt icon on your window screen.

Step 3 – click left and opened the command prompt.

Step 4 – when the command prompt opens, write this statement as it is. Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth.

(Any modification in this statement will cause an error. So keep this in mind. Do not change this statement).

Step 5 – click the enter button after writing the statement.

Step 6 – when you enter the command, another line appears on the command prompt you have to write this statement. Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/Restorehealth.

Step 7 – after writing the second command, press enter.

Step 8 – After this, you do not need to disturb your device. It will automatically start processing. Do not turn off your device until this process completes.

Step 9 – it takes only 10 minutes to complete the process.

Step 10 – after completing the process, reboot your system.

Step 11 – when your device starts, please check again whether your windows update is working normally.

By doing this procedure, your problem will resolve easily. You do not need to install any software or do not need to delete any file with just enter these commands will automatically resolve your issue.


If any of the above things are not working for you, then please check your antivirus software. Sometimes it happens your anti-virus tool is creating a problem in updating your windows. So check that also whether the anti-virus software working properly or not. If your antivirus software is creating a problem, please turn it off and then check whether your system allows updating normally or not.

If you follow any of the procedures, then you will surely get rid of your problem. These all are the very effective and easiest way to get rid of windows update error. Follow any of the procedure step by step you will get your desired result.